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Defending socialism is a tall order these days, so it is a bit surprising to see an unabashed attempt. The late G. A. Cohen was a distinguished political. This is a very short book. It was published the same year that its author, the political philosopher, G. A. Cohen, died. It takes a relatively informal approach to . In this stimulating essay titled Why Not Socialism? (just 92 pages long), the late Oxford philosopher G. A. Cohen invites us to think seriously about what socialism .

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Cohen begins by describing a camping trip, and juxtaposing two different scenarios: The resulting inequalities would consist only of regrettable choices and pure option luck.

Cohen argues the first g a cohen why not socialism based off of greed gaining as much return from others while paying the smallest amount one can and fear the need to personally provide for oneself, and ones family in a hostile and competitive market environment. Nothing prevents people from being as generous as they wish to others. Princeton University Press, Pages: G a cohen why not socialism strong point of the book is that it pries away objections that are often run together, so that they can be met individually.

We cannot assess what choices people should have available to them without knowing what rights people have. Because there were missing explanations and concepts not explained fully or in a simple way.

I appreciate that it didn’t go on forever even if it felt that way at times. This has an upside and a downside. To see what coben g a cohen why not socialism thought of this book, please sign up. The second system is based off of communal sharing, close connectivity between members of a community hence the camping trip analogy earlier.

May 23, Scout Collins rated it it was ok. A solid introductory, analytic defense of socialism – g a cohen why not socialism not really groundbreaking if you are already in the Marxist camp. And of course it all inspired a lot of good work ckhen distributive justice and liberal egalitarianism, which has been very vital for the field, even if the beauty of the questions much surpasses the beauty of the answers.

Hayek, The Fatal Conceit: Problem with this is this socialiem doesn’t keep the order of an organization.

Why Not Socialism?

He g a cohen why not socialism not defend these principles at length or attempt to show they are preferable to other competing principles. Community, like self-interest in a market context, is founded on reciprocity.

But it does seem to me that all people of goodwill would welcome the news that it had become possible to proceed otherwise, perhaps, for example, because some economists had invented clever ways of harnessing and organizing our capacity for generosity to others.

To view it, click here.

The weakest point is section III, supposedly arguing for the desirability of the socialist ideal – it contains no argument at all, even though this point is far from obvious to anyone who is not a socialist already. Even if we accept what he calls “socialist equality of opportunity” and a sense of community with every person we interact it as valid principles, it doesn’t follow that one should be coerced to follow them.

They g a cohen why not socialism however hand out Cohen’s book, and probably expect a more sympathetic response. G a cohen why not socialism answers in this way:. He is even suspicious of market socialism as conceding too much to the hated market. On this view, it was not necessary to argue for the moral merits of socialism. Although certain inequalities of outcome should not be prohibited in the cohn of justice, Cohen argues that they should be prohibited in the name of community, by which he means the requirement ‘that people care about, and, where necessary and possible, care for, one another, sociaism, too, care that they care about one another’ pp.

Briefly consider each of these in turn.

Why Not Socialism? on JSTOR

First, soccialism mentioned before, he wrongly thinks that the free market depends on base motives. Even if his account of the camping trip is right, how did he get from an account of what is desirable in a very special setting to the arrangements of a whole society?

Then he discusses briefly the types of recent market socialisms proposed by several radicals including his sometime collaborator John Roemer. Cohen is socialusm, logical, humorous, and honest. Socialism is depended on people reciprocating yet breeds laziness due to a lack of responsibility. For instance, the USSR was a disaster in part because its institutions, with near limitless power, created bad incentives and g a cohen why not socialism power-hungry people.

First, though, why does he think that socialism is morally desirable?

Where are the new mechanisms of generosity to come from? Instead, socialist equality of opportunity aims at reducing inequality to those generated by personal choices.

Books by Gerald A. Cohen, Why not Socialism? Cohen refers to the “voluntarily accepted constraint” of those on the camping trip; but surely he does not envision a purely voluntary socialism for society.

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