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Command line continuation character in programs. Also used for the Enter key while programming function keys. Outputs lines of text entered between these. 19 Nov The following are the most frequently used commands in the Foxpro command window. MODIFY COMMAND or MODI COMM Open a program. Below are some basic FoxPro command mode commands. These can be used to view, search, modify and delete data in Foxpro tables. It is suggested to try.

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Some commands include optional field list which specifies which fields are to be included using commas.

Same is the case for strings.

Press enter, a box appears. Take integer part of value. APPEND is used to add new record to the database file or to change the contents of previously typed records. This command allows us to create a database and define its structure, when we enter the command CREATE, computer will ask. Whenever we see a LIST the name of comands fields are shown at the first line as the heading. To replace the data from the records and fields that meet the given condition.


Index command is more useful than the sort command as index command does not create a new file each time, instead it changes the sequence of records to form a index. So these variable are called memory variables. commnds

By recalling we can undelete a record or records. Return string converting uppercase character to lowercase. Commandss to list all. Sorting means arranging in a sequencial form SORT in Foxbase is used to arrange the records according to any one of the files. After this command is used Foxpro opens a screen containing menus.

Now one column information commamds over. It is prepared by selecting appropriate fields and some field expressions, such as addition of two fields, or any mathematical equation between them. Continue is a additional command to LOCATE once a record is found by a locate command which is meeting given condition. Set to commands are different than that of the set commands.

Where nn is the number of index file used in. Scope means specification of those records on which we want to take action are use command. USE — Either to close a database or to open it.

E ROW — Returns the number of row where the cursor is currently. To make it Disable use. Whenever we define a variable in Foxbase, by default, it displays the value commanda. This involves changing the sizes of the fields width. But some time an experienced used finds this troublesome to get every time the help massage.

Packing means copying all he records except deleted to same file by overwriting the previous data.

This value is stored in the main memory and the variable is said to contain the information. To change the box parameters now. Delete is used to delete the current record or the records meeting the given condition.

Edit does not allow adding more records. To activate an Index file: Cokmands string with expN character from the left side of string.

PACK — Packing means copying all he records except commandd to same file by overwriting the previous data. Move the cursor to any of the sides of the box. Used to clear the screen or part of it. Whether it has any meaning or not.

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