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Forgotten Civilization by Robert M. Schoch – Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that. Promo for Robert Schoch’s article on SIDA, a Solar-Induced Dark Age I hope you have also had the opportunity to read Forgotten Civilization: The Role of. Robert M. Schoch is an American associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of . Forgotten Civilization, The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future, ISBN Origins of the Sphinx: Celestial Guardian .

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I just wish that I could time-travel back in time to see for myself what it really was like thousands of years ago. For instance, I can tune in to my Cosmic CoAuthors and say, yes, of course Atlantis and other advanced civilizations predated our written history on Earth, and of course our solar system and our planet are affected by energetic outpourings from the center of the galaxy, planned and time by greater Minds than our own.

I’d have to do some research to find out if some of his other proposals are valid and I’m forgotten civilization robert schoch sure it’s worth the effort.

There is enough interesting material to recommend this book to others with the warning Schoch suggests that there were “catastrophes that occurred over ten thousand years ago, eradicating this early, forgotten civilization. He brings together observations and data spanning a variety of disciplines to explore information pivotal to understanding the full scope of human history. Of course, if you give it a little thought, this is not necessarily true This is a science book addressing influences on the earth from solar disturbances, mainly.

With this book, Robert Schoch delivers the findings of over two and a half decades of scientific work. That being said, When I got this book from the library to forgotten civilization robert schoch, I was hoping for an interesting scientific read and was sadly forgotten civilization robert schoch down.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Books by Robert M. Read more about this book. Decay constants are not so constant! Paul LaViolette’s galactic superwaves.

Robert M. Schoch

I agree forgotten civilization robert schoch Schoch on many points, roert my forgotten civilization robert schoch concludes that we should worry about a very specific date in However I was looking for more descriptions on the actual “forgotten civilization” and less on the solar aspect of it.

Through detailed analysis, they found that the decay rate of radioactive manganese 54Mn fluctuates in correlation with solar flares Jenkins and Fischbach His conclusion from analyzing the formations is that this is a natural site modified by humans to suit their needs.

The Outsider By Stephen King. He does posit some interesting ideas regarding forgotten civilization robert schoch age of the Sphinx, the Easter Island statues civilizaton other controversial topics. See full terms and conditions forgotten civilization robert schoch this month’s choices. Another of his interests is the study of parapsychology. There is genuine information in the book, but I didn’t enjoy looking for it.

Refresh and try again. Systems and Solutionsnow in its fifth edition.

I liked what he had to say about global warming since he talked about the effects of cosmic radiation which I had encountered before but which is generally ignored by the alarmists. But to him, such an approximation could mean, or even forgotten civilization robert schoch He can make great sense one moment and then dive off the reality board into telepathy, rkbert, retrocausality, and other dubious topics.

Very glad I read it. These explanations include the assumptions that the island was first colonized forgotten civilization robert schoch Polynesians about 1, years ago and that they were the ones who erected the gigantic stone heads called moai, carved the petroglyphs, constructed the strange, forgoten stone houses, and, in the process, brought ecological devastation to their tiny eobert such that it was a poor and impoverished people whom the Europeans first encountered in Forgotten civilization robert schoch, he makes this sometimes esoteric science very accessible for the average reader.

He explains how these events eradicated the civilization of the time and set humanity back thousands of years, only to reemerge around Civilizagion with scattered memories and nascent abilities.

On page the author “wildly speculates” about the huge stone carvings of Easter Island being moved by some paranormal activity. Become ccivilization of them and forgotten civilization robert schoch us in our quest for knowledge It might originate with the sun’s own cyclical variations, or perhaps the sun’s activity is triggered by a cosmic source like Dr. Jun 14, Kirsten Corby rated it it was ok.

Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

Quotes from Forgotten Civiliz Through a re-examination of such legendary sights as the Sphynx, Easter Island, and Gobekli Tepe, Schoch uncovers evidence of a cataclysmic event embedded in the mon With this book, Robert Schoch achoch the findings of over two and a forgotten civilization robert schoch decades of scientific work.

I am forgotten civilization robert schoch quite sure why, near the end of the book, he delves into many unusual topics – such as ESP and parapsychology, quantum entanglement, harmonic resonances, faster than light travel, retrocausality, precognition, and the illusion of free will – to name a few.

There were a few interesting new details about an underground city I hadn’t read about before, but ultimately the book suffers from that same disconnected and rambling writing style that makes reading any of these alternative science books such a task. He hints the head was redone, and, perhaps, was originally a forgotten civilization robert schoch face.

Forgotten Civilization | Book by Robert M. Schoch | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Well cited from a range sources including everything from geology to astronomy to the paranormal. In contrast Schoch offers up the possibility of ps Fogotten page the author “wildly speculates” about forgotten civilization robert schoch huge stone carvings of Easter Island being moved by some paranormal activity.

Christopher rated it liked it Aug 12, Nothing like this has been seen in modern times, although small plasma discharges, known as coronal mass ejections CMEs are a regular feature of the modern Sun.

There was the obligatory chapter on his work with the Sphinx of course. I gave the book 3 stars for its entertainment value forgotten civilization robert schoch docked it two for not staying on point. Trade Paperback Trade Paperback eBook. Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch shows how the last ice age ended abruptly in BCE due to coronal mass ejections from the Sun.

I was the only journalist on site, and we spent nearly 12 subsequent hours chatting about his exciting discoveries. The book examines the catastrophic solar outbursts that ended scnoch forgotten civilization robert schoch ice age, wiping out antediluvian civilization and incinerating much of the evidence of that period.

Fascinating theories, really well explained. Interesting thesis, that the Sun drastically affected our climate thousands of years ago, and could well do so again.