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20 May Our priest actually allowed us to take the FOCCUS test at home and on our own time. Then we brought them back, he scored them and we discussed some of. 9 Aug This ‘test’ is required if you want to get married in a Catholic Church. We took it July 21st and our pastor told us it would take about 10 days for. I took the foccus test and based on the questions, since there aren’t like “wrong answers,” because a lot of them are like “we have discussed,” or “I am.

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Afterwards, the results are shredded because they don’t want you ruminating over the questions The results form doesnt include the orginial question which makes it hard to figure out what some of the discussions should be.

My future spouse and I are open to having children. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing.

It should really not be called ffoccus “Test” because you cannot really fail it. Instead of relying on the FOCCUS test, I would recommend getting one of those ” questions for couples before they get married” books and going through it to give you areas for discussion.

Okay I did that too good so that makes me doccus better MissStellar 10 years ago Wedding: BMG is right, mine was more of a questionnaire.

A D U 44 We have decided how we will share specific responsibilities in managing our finances.

Pre-Marriage Inventory on any personal computer using log-in information provided by their Facilitator. He foxcus gave us a book and said “pick readings and your vows and bring it back after pre-cana”.

We came up with a couple things we hadn’t thought about and now we’ve discussed them. Additinal counseling by tet trained counselor might be a good extra measure as I think we need to learn to communicate better, ie. MrsPinkPeony 7 years ago Wedding: Probably would of just been easier to do it with him! Not scared or nervous, just like did you get my results, I took the test. Honestly, I am very happy that my FI and I are getting married in a religious setting because without this we would not have been thinking through a lot of issues we have and what we need to ‘fix’ to make a marriage a long lasting one.

What do they ask you about? Tset separated us and we spent probably 45 minutes filling it out. We disagree with each other over some teachings of the church. It allows couples to identify their strengths and needs, while readying them to move further into marriage education, skill trainings or work with a mentor couple.

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(Closed) FOCCUS Test

A couple of things in addition to what the others have said. I would ask for more help from your church. Red some churches do a more informal questionnaire! He told us at the end how we did and provided us with some spiritual advice for going further on in our journey to marriage.

I’d like to receive news and offers via e-mail. Yes it is a real thing. Now you have huge conversation points to discuss.

Sample Questions

We have discussed the ways our families solved problems and how this may affect our problem solving. Going to a wedding? The Deacon administered our test. Log in Join now. fest

FOCCUS | Pre-Marriage Inventory Frequently Asked Questions

The word test really threw me off! After the initial reaction, I realized that this was just a starting point for discussion and that we really should talk through the issues. I mean, we spoke focccus our priest and answered questions he asked.

Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. A D U 27 Toccus future spouse and I have discussed our sacramental marriage commitment to each other under all circumstances.

I’m kind of freaking out, I don’t want to be behind in things, we truly barely have time for pre-Cana with FH working out of town for a while.

I agree that maybe it is the priest that is not a good fit.

FOCCUS | Pre-Marriage Inventory Sample Questions

We bought a boat!! Spring 10 years ago Wedding: I just have the priest and chruch set. We have decided how we will share specific responsibilities in managing our finances.