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FM 5-482 PDF

provide extensive information about FM ( ). : Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ) ( ) by Department of the Army and a great selection of similar New , Used and. This manual, “Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ),” provides the fundamentals of planning and construction of military petroleum.

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With the cm, measure downward from the highest elevation on the profile; at its base, project a horizontal line in the direction of the downgrade.

Be careful when loading and unloading bolster trailers holding more than 35 sticks of 6-inch pipe because of the height that you must lift the pipe when loading and unloading.

Afte r the hydraul ic locations of the pumping stations fn been plotted on the profile of the pipeline Tigurepagea site reconnaissance 5-842 made and the locations are plotted on topographic maps. The pipeline route should roughly parallel secondary roads. Locating pumping stations with hydraulic gradient triangle Figure Hose-line repair kit and adapters B Figure B Other sizes can be designed and manufactured.

Normally 10 to 12 soldiers are required, including equipment operators. Time permitting, location of the route proceeds as follows: Berm f paired tanks Figure Weight density is the weight per unit of volume. Determining if a rising-stem valve is open or shut is easy. The point at which the hypotenuse of hydraulic gradient line BC intersects the profile is the proper location for station 2.

The normal design head capacity of each pump unit is 1, feet. Based on theater requirements, transportation planners will determine the most effective method of moving pipeline components.

Water is referenced 5482 standard and is assigned an arbitrary gravity of 10 degrees API.

FM Chptr 2 Equipment

Using units are authorized organizational equipment to receive the bulk products and to refuel their vehicles and aircraft without resorting to cans and drums. Friction Loss in Pipe and Fittings. Saddle-type lifting bar B-3 Figure B Construction of the Hydraulic Gradient Triangle. The following paragraphs describe the factors considered in locating mainline pumping stations and flood or suction stations for fn pipelines.

Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM 5-482)

Fuel loss or delay of its supply can disrupt combat operations. Normal working pressures are used in pipeline design.

Unless otherwise stated, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men. Try to avoid major obstacles, such as steep cliffs, deep ravines, large boulders, and swampy areas, when selecting the pipeline route.

Using a 5-ton cargo truck with a 4-ton bolster trailer is the best way to transport pipe sections from the construction staging area to the pipeline trace. Spacing of Pumping Stations.

This is standard, nestable, steel corrugated pipe used for protecting pipelines located under roadways to minimize damage from the weight of passing vehicles.

A nut, fastened to the handwheel and held in the yoke by thrust collars, moves the stem as the handwheel is turned. After that, dynamic pressure or head decreases until all velocity is lost.

FM Table of Contents

It supervises current operations and conducts long-range planning. This valve Figure is used in switching manifolds to regulate the flow of fuel. Before starting, you must determine how to compute the friction loss fi for the length Li of double line.

Add the suction head pressure required at each pumping station 20 psi or 54 feet to the feet-of-head scale, which is the same as Bi in Step 1 above. When enemy activity is anticipated to be low in the theater rear area, gate valves are installed about one every mile.

DA prescribes supply levels for the theater army in terms of days of supply. This set consists of the pipes, couplings, and gaskets needed to build 5 miles of pipeline. The aluminum IPDS pipe Discard any gasket that shows signs of age excessively hard, cracked, or cut.

Specialized Pipeline Tools and Equipment Pioneer hand tools and standard table s of organization and equipment TOE earth-moving equipment are used to clear and level the right-of-way for pipelines and to prepare Figure Tank-farm layout, shared berm Figure