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Create a Faa Form 2 in minutes using a step-by-step template. The FAA Form is used by the Federal Aviation Administration under the United. Incomplete submission may result in delay or denial of your request. FAA Form Supersedes Previous Edition DETACH THIS PART BEFORE USING . The OMB control number associated with this collection is FAA Form Supersedes Previous Edition DETACH THIS PART BEFORE.

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Some examples of acceptable notification would 771-2 The chief pilot will examine each pilot at least faa form 7711-2 every 12 calendar-months. If faa form 7711-2 than one pilot will be used under the terms and conditions of the waiver, the manual must designate a chief pilot.

Block 3—Permanent Mailing Address. The manual must describe in detail how the pilot will notify the company officials or ground personnel if it is necessary to safeguard human life.

All normal entry and departure paths to and from the waivered flightpaths will be charted and available to the pilot. Manual status; control page, fas page, changes to manual.

A waiver for operations that are not for the purpose of safeguarding human life or in the faa form 7711-2 interest should prohibit flight closer faa form 7711-2 feet to any vessel, vehicle, or building on the surface unless the pilot takes reasonable action to determine that they dorm not occupied by persons at the time of the operation.

List the beginning dates and hours and the ending dates and hours for when the operation will be conducted. Review the Proposed Operations Manual. Sample Letter of an Unsatisfactory Inspection. This letter is to inform you that fotm operations manual you submitted with Federal Aviation Administration FAA FormFaa form 7711-2 for Certificate of Waiver or Authorization, on [indicate date] faa form 7711-2 been accepted.

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Completion and submission of FAA Form is faa form 7711-2 responsibility of the applicant. A conference with faa form 7711-2 applicant before acceptance of the application may be necessary. Pilots To Be Used. Revisions should not be distributed before this office has accepted the revisions.

The endorsement must be made by the chief pilot, although another qualified pilot may give the initial checkout.


Area of operation depicts settlements, power lines, etc. Waivers Issued to Safeguard Human Life. At the time the application for a waiver is submitted, the applicant may not know the names of the pilots or the aircraft to be used in a particular operation.

Review application, determine if Operations Manual is required. Block 7—Detailed Description of Proposed Operation. Each pilot must have 25 hours as PIC 771-2 the category and class of aircraft to be used.

In many instances, the applicant does not know or faa form 7711-2 not sure which sections of the regulations are involved. Aircraft Certification and Airworthiness. Manuals developed by operators needing broad area authorization should clearly describe the land or water areas faa form 7711-2 the privileges of the waiver are to be exercised.

Weather conditions—limited to faa form 7711-2 flight rules VFR.

Make appropriate PTRS entries. Once accepted by the FSDO, the manual becomes a part of the special provisions. Blocks 1 faa form 7711-2 2. Part 91 Operations Manual Development Guide. If specific routes and altitudes are used, they should be depicted on a chart.


The maximum time period for operations is 24 calendar-months e. However, additional detailed information may be included.

Operations involving flights in airspace requiring two-way communication will be coordinated with the appropriate air traffic facility. The manual must describe the inspection program required by 14 CFR parts 43 and 91 for the aircraft being operated.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact this office at the following telephone number [indicate number]. The name of the individual and his or her position or authority to represent the organization e. Using the Part 91 Minimum Safe Faa form 7711-2 Waiver and Inspection Job Aid Figurethe information provided by 77112- applicant, and the background information in paragraphreview FAA Form for all pertinent caa for the proposed operation.

In cases involving one-time operations where the applicant has not indicated an alternate date, the inspector should advise the applicant to request alternate dates in faa form 7711-2 to save time and unnecessary paperwork.

Unless it is necessary to safeguard human life or it can be determined to be in the public interest and contributing to the public health, welfare, 7711- safety, the foot minimum separation distance from persons on faa form 7711-2 surface shall not be waived.

Revisions should not be distributed by the operator until accepted by the FAA and returned firm the operator with signature and date.

The designated representative may be no lower faa form 7711-2 the operations unit supervisor. Successful completion of this task results in the issuance of FAA FormCertificate of Waiver or Authorization, or the disapproval of an application. Each pilot must have hours as pilot in command PIC.

In addition to gaa qualification, each pilot faaa satisfactorily demonstrate faa form 7711-2 in the following: This task may require coordination with the airworthiness unit within the district office, other FSDOs, or the appropriate air traffic facilities. Waivers may authorize day and night VFR. Block 8—Area of Operation. List of Special Provisions. The manual must contain each route depicted in either cartographic or photographic form.

The applicant should list beginning and ending dates for the operation in this block. Review the operations manual to ensure that the manual contains the information discussed in faa form 7711-2 Accept strikeovers that are minor in nature and initialed by the applicant.

An agreement specifying that a copy of the waiver must be on board each aircraft during operation. The operations manual will contain a flight operations section covering information necessary to ensure compliance with the waiver, and include at least the following: The manual must include, but is not limited to, the following: