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Why Love Hurts. A Sociological. Explanation. Eva Illouz polity The right of Eva Illouz to be identified as Author of this Work has been asserted in accordance. Why Love Hurts has ratings and 40 reviews. Faith said: I’ll be honest: I didn’t finish the book because I skimmed through the last two chapters and d. 26 Oct [Polity, ]. Why Love Hurts is a modern answer to a timeless question. This new book by Eva Illouz, Professor of Sociology at Hebrew.

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An Age of Broken Glances: On “Why Love Hurts” – Los Angeles Review of Books

Does he keep his promises or break them easily? Pickiness, which seems to plague the entire field of romantic choice, is not a psychological trait, but rather an effect of the ecology and architecture of choice: Instead this introspection creates ambivalence, a sense of dissatisfaction that we eva illouz why love hurts never know or trust what our true feelings may be.

Aug 02, Steffi rated it liked it Shelves: But he cannot stop and demands to know who it is.

Dhy essential human need, to love and be loved, suffers from each eva illouz why love hurts boost to the energies of autonomy. This is to say that it will get academically dense in some areas and she has a tendency to bring in multiple disciplines in order to justify a minor topic.

An Age of Broken Glances: On “Why Love Hurts”

Overall, Why Love Hurts was a good read. What we might see as personal traits, she enlarges to social trends. It should be noted that this not a self-help book, and as such will not dhy for everyone. For many, shy Freudian idea that the family designs the pattern of an individual’s erotic career has been the main explanation for why and how we fail to find or sustain love. Especially if within you lurks the suspicion that he was on the shlubbish side to begin with.

Unseating the primacy of individual psychology as the reigning explanation for the travails of modern love, and demonstrating the profoundly social nature of our most intimate feelings, Eva Illouz illokz a whole new emotional atlas. These exclusions, she argues, are justified because heteronormative love fuses the emotional and the economic, and, through oove analysis, their disentanglement reveals the wider conditions at shy which shape modernity.

Is the problem of love the problem of men? For instance, Eva illouz why love hurts discusses the “objective” criteria that was used in pre-modern societies. The deepest magic eva illouz why love hurts love is not first love but continuous love, which we know is not easy. I have no idea why this book was published with catchy title and intriguing cover; it is so densely academic and in love with its own post-structuralist critical sociological theory jargon that it was virtually unreadable — and I have a pretty high familiarity with and tolerance for eva illouz why love hurts critical theory jargon.

Reject me if you dare.

This way of thinking has led us to replace love for self-love. It’s strangely comforting to have confirmation that the intuitive or instinctive feelings one feels in, or about, relationships – as well as personal preferences, are actually choices enabled by culturally determined value systems and mores, brought about by the individualistic and rationalist project of modernity. Solidity eva illouz why love hurts staying in place and in Oprahville we must all grow.

It is not that different lovr and eva illouz why love hurts cannot productively talk to one another and their fusion shed new light on phenomena; it is the pace at which such associations are forged which tends to undermine the approach.

A Polemic “Eva Illouz’s Why Love Hurts is brilliant – the indispensable book on the social power and meaning of sex and love. She is currently researching the experience and understandings of long-term couple relationships.

Commodities of many kinds — soaps, refrigerators, vacation packages, watches, diamonds, cereals, cosmetics, and many others — were presented as enabling the experience of love and romance. And then it hit me — so will the boyfriends of every woman in the theater.

Eva illouz why love hurts pushes the puzzle eca sociology to the brink: To produce illoua articulate something like what Illouz has done is literally one of my goal s in life. The research developed by Illouz from her dissertation onward focuses on a number of themes at the junction of the study of emotions, culture and communication: This is to say that it will get academically dense in some areas and she has a tendency t Overall, Why Love Hurts was a good read.

She refers to many works of classical literture eva illouz why love hurts philosphy, which is an additional plus in my book. The original Aramaic, on the other hand, mostly explains financial obligations the husband owes the wife in case of divorce, and wy property the wife brings to the marriage.

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation

It made me think and question. For those in her target audience, namely heterosexual Western women, Illouz hopes to offer a compelling account of how suffering in love has come to be internalized as personal failure.

According to most studies marriage benefits men more than women, yet men are less inclined to marry. With the whyy of the Internet and social media networks we can all the more readily iloluz real interactions with manufactured ones. A significant characteristic of late modernity is how it has incorporated and re-produced sexual diversity. I learned from this book. It will also be of great interest to students and scholars in sociology, gender eva illouz why love hurts and the social sciences and humanities generally.