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Defining EAI As corporate dependence on technology has grown more complex and far reaching, the need for a method of integrating disparate applications. What is Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)?. • Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration .. Information Technology Series) By David S. Linthicum. 26 Nov Available in: Paperback. Organizations that are able to integrate their applications and data sources have a distinct competitive advantage.

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Enterprise Application Integration – David S. Linthicum – Google Books

When using the point-to-point approach, integrating applications comes down to altering each application to be able to send and receive messages. Unfortunately, many of these business-critical systems are difficult to adapt to allow them to communicate and share information with other, more enerprise systems.

EAI is the “missing link” that has been absent in the quest for success in supply chain integration efforts of the past. Lan Hs is currently reading it Jan 10, While mainframes continue to make up the majority of traditional systems, minicomputers and even large UNIX systems may also correctly be called traditional systems. The approach and enterprise application integration david s.linthicum technology you leverage depends on the requirements of the problem domain.

EAI has been brought into play as a s.linthicuk, not only to integrate existing enterprise applications, but also to integrate and free the information from the new generation of packaged applications. Brian Mulloy rated it it was ok Nov 22, This davvid can take on several dimensions, including:.

Enterprise Application Integration

Customer Relationship Management strukturiert dargestellt: EAI is not simply a enterprise application integration david s.linthicum dreamed up by the press and analyst community. While there are methodologies and procedures that can intebration applied, most competent managers understand the degree of value when applying EAI without over-analyzing this information.

If you have successfully integrated application A with application B and would like to include applications C and D, you will have to davie a pipe between each involved application. These applications came about when traditional mainframe systems failed to solve departmental problems or, more likely, did not solve them quickly enough.

The end s.ilnthicum could have been a mixing and matching of technologies and paradigms. As we have previously suggested, application integration has been going on for years, using a broad range of connection technology. Many enterprises that needed to integrate applications have implemented such integration architectures within their enterprises and continue enterprise application integration david s.linthicum maintain them today. It will give an executive summary enterprise application integration david s.linthicum of the state of the art of EAI, as it was in around – good enough to at least introduce the concepts and a lot of terminology, but horribly out of date now.

The advent of advanced middleware layers allowed distributed application development to take off. Mainframes, UNIX servers, NT servers, and even proprietary platforms whose enterprise application integration david s.linthicum have been forgotten, constitute the technological base for most enterprises. Ben added it Aug 31, More importantly, we approach this old problem with a new set of technologies designed specifically ejterprise EAI. These technologies, new and old, are all providing some value in the enterprise, but their value is diminished if they are unable to leverage other enterprise applications.

EAI is able to take many diverse systems and bundle them in such a way that they appear–and function–as a monolithic and unified application see Figure 1.

While this book includes chapters devoted to each type of EAI, a brief overview of the various types is provided here see Figure 1. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

For generations, systems have been built that have served a single purpose for a single set of users without sufficient thought to integrating applcation systems into larger systems and multiple applications.

While dqvid is easily managed within the context of integrating two enterprise application integration david s.linthicum, integrating additional applications demands additional pipes.

Rather than enterprise application integration david s.linthicum extinct, these systems not only continue to sell, but older applications leveraging traditional systems have demonstrated significantly more staying power than originally anticipated. While the question, “Why develop a new application when a packaged one exists?

This can be accomplished by examining s.linthcium measuring the current state of the enterprise. Making Sense of the Processes. The need for EAI is the direct result of this architectural foresight, or rather, the lack of it.

Types of DatabaseOriented Middleware. Indeed, that “ancient” technology has probably remained critical to the workings of your enterprise. Defining EAI As corporate dependence s.lintgicum technology has grown more complex and far reaching, the need for a method of integrating disparate applications into a unified set of business processes has emerged as a s.lunthicum.

Undoubtedly, a number of stovepipe systems are in your enterprise–for example, inventory control, sales automation, general ledger, and human resource systems. Ultimately, finances are a prime concern. Alif Mujahidin marked it as to-read May 10, The characteristics that define the traditional system include centralized processing with terminal-based access.

This was clear from the earliest days of EAI when most, if not all, integration efforts focused on bundling packaged applications among themselves as well as enterprise application integration david s.linthicum the other applications in the enterprise. Considering the Source and Target. With the pressures of a enterprise application integration david s.linthicum business environment moving IT management to shorter application life cycles, financial prudence demands that IT managers learn to use existing databases and application services rather than recreate the same business processes and data repositories over and over see Figure 1.

Only then can you determine the impact of EAI on your enterprise. Although not enterprise application integration david s.linthicum, it may be the only solution you have in many instances. For example, when integrating a custom accounting system running on Windows with a custom inventory control system running on the mainframe, you may select a message-queuing middleware product to allow both systems to share information.

To ask other readers questions about Enterprise Application Integrationplease sign enterprise application integration david s.linthicum. Moreover, the need to integrate those systems with packaged systems has been intensified by the popularity of packaged applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Baan. Integrating the Supply Chain. Future of Transactional Middleware. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This challenge is made clear by the fact that microcomputers exist on thousands of desktops within an organization, each microcomputer containing valuable information and processes.

Enterprise Application Integration by David S. Linthicum

Data federation software provides EAI architects and developers with the ability to view many different physical databases, no matter the brand or model, as a enterprise application integration david s.linthicum logical database and integratino model.

Whether correctly or not, traditional IT leveraged the power of these newer, more open platforms. Interest in EAI is driven by a number of important factors.