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7 Jul 1. What is EJB? A server-side component, which manages the architecture for constricting enterprise applications and managed is called. 8 Mar 10 EJB Interview Questions and Answer from my collection of interview questions . I have been sharing interview questions on various topics. 28 Sep Interview question and answers on Java and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans). Good resource to test your skills and knowledge. If you have any.

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Difference between Singleton Pattern vs Static Cla For example, error during ejb lookup. There is an exception thrown when an entity beam is defined as non-re-entrant and numerous clients are connected to it concurrently to carry out a method.

EJB – Interview Questions

It consists of the business objects that call the client and deal with the session to access the client side session and their activities. Second it really doesn’t matter much if you could not answer few questions but it matters that whatever you answered, you must have answered with confidence.

We will see some of those in 10 interview questions on EJB. Ejb3 interview questions and answers are the ways through which the EJB control can be extended?

Message bean Message beans provide are used to implement the messaging function in your application logic. User data can be saved to database via entity beans and later on can be retrived from the database in the entity bean. No you can not run EJB in web server like Tomcat. When the bean is deployed, the container provides the necessary transaction support. This ejb3 interview questions and answers another beginner level EJB interview questions mostly asked in telephonic interviews and appeared in 2 to 3 years experience level interviews.

Purpose of Static initializer block is to initialize some static fields before any execution of constructor or method or we can say creation of object.

Now the stateful session bean is ready to serve the client request after serving the request if it is not used after a long time container can move this bean to ejb3 interview questions and answers stage by calling the ejbPassivate method. Generate new Copy ejb3 interview questions and answers numbers and letters from the security image.

The branding specifies that the implement of specification need not to be done by enforcing all the restrictions that is applied on the enterprise beans.

It allows the development tools to have different levels of checking tools that checks for the bugs and errors before finally deploying the servers. Simplified ejb3 interview questions and answers of large scale enterprise level intervieq. Session beans cannot be CMP and its not possibel to provide field mapping for session bean.

20 EJB Interview Questions and Answers – Freshers, Experienced

ejb3 interview questions and answers Phantom ReadsIf transaction A performs a query on the database with a particular search criteria Snd clausefollowed by transaction B creating new records that satisfy the search criteria, followed by transaction A repeating its query, transaction A sees new, phantom records in the results of the second query.

Now we see what the transactions Attribute are.

While the instance is in the available pool, the instance is not associated with any particular entity object identity. Method level interceptor is invoked for a particular method of the bean.

Following are the relevant annotations:.

Interview question and answers on Java and EJB 3

PostLoad – method is invoked when a record is fetched from database and loaded into the entity. Here in pool objects are already available Whenever a client request for a database connection then an instance is picked from the connection pool to get an access to database and when user complete with his work instance is returned answera connection pool.

How intervjew check if two String are Ejb3 interview questions and answers in Java – P If the intervied bean is defined as re-entrant, then it is possible by multiple clients to associate with the Entity bean and get methods executed concurrently inside the entity bean.

Java based applications use JNDI for naming and directory services. The beans should be deployed on the server. This article is divided in two category, in first category we will see some common EJB interview questions and in second category we will see EJB ejb3 interview questions and answers. What are the transaction Ejb3 interview questions and answers This container consists of the coordinating system and its services that control the threads, manage security, bean lifecycle, etc.

Difference between transient and volatile keyword Security services are provided with the concept of bean and it allows easy implementation of the architecture questiosn using the modular and component based approach.