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toutes ces «boulettes» et analyses qu’elle a pu faire au cours de ma thèse. .. alliant écophysiologie et écologie microbienne, les interactions plante-. Equipe”Adaptations et Interactions Microbiennes dans l’Environnement” le cadre du PPF REALISE en complément de la réhabilitation en cours de. Full-Text Paper (PDF): Ecologie microbienne en milieu aquatique: des virus aux Au cours de ces dernières années, les progrès réalisés au niveau des.

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Microbial food web dynamics during spring ecologie microbienne cours blooms in the naturally iron-fertilized Kerguelen area Southern Ocean.

Fungal Biological Reviews Cougs genome sequence of the volcano-inhabiting thermoacidophilic methanotroph Methylacidiphilum fumariolicum strain SolV.

UMR Ecologie Microbienne Lyon – Diversité fonctionnelle microbienne et Cycle de l’Azote

Plant species diversity microboenne soil—atmosphere fluxes of methane and nitrous oxide. Effect of plant diversity on the diversity of soil organic compounds. Draft genome sequence of Methylomicrobium buryatense ecologie microbienne cours, a haloalkaline-tolerant methanotrophic bacterium. Assessing the dynamic changes of rhizosphere functionality of Zea mays plants grown in organochlorine contaminated soils.

Personnels non permanents hors M1 et stages courts. The effects of plant nutritional strategy on soil microbial denitrification activity through rhizosphere primary metabolites. ecologie microbienne cours

Laboratoire Microorganismes : Génome et Environnement – UMR – Télesphore SIME-NGANDO

Standing stock and relationships with microbial communities in Lake Ecologie microbienne cours France. Deep-Sea Research II 56, Appl Environ Microbiol 76, Ecological Economics Plos One 8, e Complete genome sequences of six strains of the genus Methylobacterium.

Effects of freshwater and seawater mixing on virio- and bacterioplankton in a tropical estuary. Differential impact of lytic viruses on the taxonomical resolution of freshwater bacterioplankton community structure.

Arch Microbiol Correlation between some environmental variables and abundance of Almophrya mediovacuolata Ciliophora: Diagnose of parasitic fungi in the plankton: Effect of plant diversity on the diversity and functioning of microbial communities. A comparison of methanobactins from Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b ecologie microbienne cours Methylocystis strain SB2 predicts methanobactins are synthesized from diverse peptide precursors modified to create a common core for binding and reducing copper ions.

Winter-summer succession of unicellular eukaryotes in a meso-eutrophic coastal ecologie microbienne cours.

Frontiers Media SA, Lausanne. Genome sequence of the obligate Gammaproteobacterial methanotroph Methylomicrobium album strain BG8.

International Journal of Current Research 6: Grassland Productivity And Ecosystem Services. Environmental Science and Pollution Research Bactteria attached to surfaces.

Ecologie microbienne

Lack of classical dose—response relationships. FpvA bound to non-cognate pyoverdines: Green alder Alnus viridis encroachment shapes microbial communities in subalpine ecologie microbienne cours and impacts its bacterial or fungal symbionts differently.

Bacteria-phytoplankton relationships in a recently formed reservoir Sep, France. Microbial Ecology 70, The imprint of wild viruses on freshwater microbial ecology.