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Recording Rate Descriptions The following terms are used to describe various types of recording rates you will encounter when working with your Intellex. Alarm Outputs 16 outputs. A confirmation screen appears. Select the appropriate screen: Manial data can then be managed from a central site using the Network Client sold separately. To draw an additional target area, repeat steps 1 through 3.

The Intellex unit detects and responds to four types of alarm events. Click the down arrow on the Tools List. Even though an external SCSI terminator is not required on this unit, it may be required on the optional data storage device.

For example, you can enable archiving for a timeframe within a disabled segment green within redor you can activate archiving of all video green within an alarmed blue or disabled red segment. The first two procedures require that you have physical access to the Intellex unit.

Move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen. To configure the time zone: From the main screen, click the Utility button. The boundary lines disappear and the target area is defined by a semitransparent grid.

When configured, these filters help the unit record important activity and ignore unimportant activity. It does not clear the actual alarm.

Then it continues the archive operation. The following charts show the relationship between activity type, record capacity and image quality.

Access to the playback screen controls and indicators is a protected feature. Then you can observe activity from that camera more closely. Refer to the Intellex Troubleshooting Guide to identify the appropriate action.

These estimates do not include alarm activity.

Index of /product-manuals/Intellex

Click up arrow or down arrow to display mamual correct hour hour format. The Alarm on Video Loss option in the Alarms portion of the Setup Options screen must be selected to enable this feature see Alarm When the unit detects loss of video signal at any connected We recommend the use of shielded twisted-pair cable for network operation.

Gain Mode Tab Call Preset.

If you entered the correct code, the system enables or disables security and closes this screen. You must possess the Setup Cameras privilege to access it see From the main screen, click the Setup button. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Connect this output to a parallel printer that supports graphics. If the Software is protected by a software or hardware key or other device, the Software may be used on any computer where manua, key is installed.

Each time through the sequence, the unit samples one image from each camera unless disabled. Select the desired Option Pack. After you select a live filter, use the appropriate filter configuration screen to configure it.

American Dynamics DV16000 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

The unit displays the current restore status. The default is Hour s. Do NOT install any other software, including screen savers, or you will affect unit operation. To prevent abnormal termination, start archiving before the database becomes full and replace filled tape cartridges promptly. Click the down arrow. If a tape problem occurs, the unit displays a message. Intellex Troubleshooting Guide for more information.

You can only configure one perimeter protection target area at a time. Use this option to use alarm input information to search Alarm Input the image database. As recording continues, the unit overwrites older images, including alarm images. This option is disabled until a segment with a configured filter has been copied into memory. In the Dv116000 application, click Setup, then Text.