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RFC (part 1 of 5): Diameter Credit-Control Application. Network Working Group H. Hakala Request for Comments: L. Mattila Category: Standards. RFC (part 2 of 5): Diameter Credit-Control Application. Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks. The Diameter base protocol is defined by RFC ( Obsoletes: RFC ) and CCR, , Diameter Credit-Control Application – RFC

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Diameter Credit-Control Application

When the credit resources granted to the user have been consumed or the service has been successfully delivered or terminated, the credit-control client diameter rfc 4006 back to the server the used amount. Received answers that do not match a known Diameter rfc 4006 Identifier are ignored by the Diameter agent. The following is a graphical representation of the relationship between service-identifiers, rating-groups, credit pools, and credit-control sub- session.

It is assumed that the service element is provided with Rating-Groups, Service-Identifiers, and their associated parameters that define what has to be metered by means outside the scope of this specification.

The server processes the received requests and returns an appropriate answer to both requests. Diameter Credit-control Client A Diameter credit-control client is an entity that interacts with a credit-control server. If an implementation of the credit-control client supports both the methods, determining which method to use SHOULD be configurable. If several unit types are sent in the Answer message, the credit- control client MUST handle each unit type separately.

The first, the intermediate, and the final interrogations are executed diameter rfc 4006 credit- control commands defined in this diameter rfc 4006. In this model, the credit-control client sends further credit-control messages to the credit-control server via the home Diameter AAA server.

Where quota is allocated to a rating-group, all the services belonging to that group diameter rfc 4006 from the allotted quota. Diameter Relay and redirect agents must not reject messages with unrecognized AVPs. Implementations supporting the credit-control session failover MUST also ensure proper detection of duplicate or out of sequence messages.

The other Diameter applications provide service specific authorization, and they do not provide credit authorization for prepaid users. When the final granted units have diameter rfc 4006 consumed, the credit-control client MUST perform an intermediate interrogation. However, failover may occur at any point in the path between the credit- control client and the credit-control server if a transport failure is detected with a peer, as described diameter rfc 4006 [ DIAMBASE ].

It monitors the usage of the granted quota according to instructions returned by credit-control server. When multiple services are supported diameter rfc 4006 a user’s session, the server may request credit re-authorization for a credit pool or for the sub- session while a credit re-authorization is already ongoing for some of the services or rating-groups. An answer message with granted- units may arrive later if the base protocol transport failover occurred in the path to the credit-control server.

If the Diameter credit-control client knows the cost of the service event e.

RFC – part 1 of 5

It provides a general solution to diameter rfc 4006 cost and credit-control. First Interrogation after Authorization and Authentication The Diameter credit-control client in the service element may get information from the authorization server as to whether credit- control is required, based on its knowledge of the end user. Transaction state implies that upon forwarding a request, its Hop-by-Hop Identifier is saved; diameter rfc 4006 field is replaced with a locally unique identifier, which is restored to its original value when the corresponding answer is diajeter.

After the end user has consumed these units, the Diameter credit-control-client MUST behave as described in section 5.

Diameter rfc 4006 belongs to the application layer protocols in the internet protocol suite. In the first model, the credit-control server rates the request, reserves a suitable amount of money from the user’s account, and returns the corresponding amount diameter rfc 4006 credit resources.

During rrfc credit-control process, it is used to report the used quota and request a new one. It will then forward the packet to the credit-control client.

diametee If credit re-authorization is ongoing at the time when the RAR message is received i. Note that the credit-control server may already have initiated the above-described process for the first interrogation.

The RoSession instance is saved so that it can be terminated later, after the service has finished. The absence of this AVP implies that diameter rfc 4006 sub-sessions are in use. Credit-Control for Multiple Services within a sub- Session When multiple diametrr are used within the same user session and each service or group of services is subject to different cost, it dianeter necessary to perform credit-control for each service independently.

Unit rating refers to determining a price based on the non-monetary units calculated by the unit determination function. This process is accomplished with session based credit-control that includes the first interrogation, possible intermediate interrogations, and the final interrogation. After receiving the authorization, the CTF delivers services.

When the subscriber has consumed the final granted units, the service element MUST terminate the service. The access device passes IP packets according to the filter rules that may have been received in the Credit-Control-Answer message in addition to those that may have been configured by the other entity. If service specific re-authorization is performed i. For AVPs of type Enumerated, the service may require a new value to diameter rfc 4006 defined. Credit-control is a diameter rfc 4006 of checking whether credit is available, credit-reservation, deduction of credit from the end user account when service is diameetr and refunding of reserved credit that is not used.

QoS are common to all the services carried within the access bearer, diameter rfc 4006 the cost of the bearer may vary depending on its content. Use dmy dates from December Articles ddiameter be expanded from June All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes Daimeter to be expanded from Diameter rfc 4006 All articles with dead external links Articles with diameter rfc 4006 external links from July Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Pages using RFC magic links.