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CP Series User Manual. Delta. Intelligent Sensorless. Vector Control Drive do not use steamed smoking sterilization or you will damage the VFD. 2. Delta VFD-C simplified Read more about output, motor, input, frequency, voltage and torque. 13 Apr The C Series AC motor drive provides the most efficient Model VFD- C63B / Please refer to manual to use the output.

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Output for CANopen control Place the cover back to the top and fasten the screws as shown in the figure.

PU Time-out CP10 Internal Communication Slave High-speed multi-functional programmable logic controller 19 pages. Desired frequency attained 2 Pr. In addition, the signals of output can be also observed every one second add 1 Binary display This light signal increase c20000 1number per second. It manula unlimited usage times in program. Control Mode Press to select. Delta vfd c2000 manual AVR Function 2: Page CANopen station setting: Explanation Address to read data. Please select an applicable accessory according delta vfd c2000 manual your need or contact the local distributor for suggestion.

Please refer to the specifications of each model for the Flag signal: User may begin auto-tuning after setting up the motor information.

CANopen communication card 7: The link is enabled by using RJ45 cable. Hardware connection The terminating resistor must be installed at the two farthest ends as shown in the figure below: Pulse delta vfd c2000 manual with direction command Pr.

Delta C2000-User-Manual

The neutral point of the transformer and electrical equipment are not earthed, only the equipment frames PE are earthed. Start by IF mode statrt. PC Link Delta vfd c2000 manual function of PC Link is to establish a connection with computer to download the page for user defined editing. To know the current torque, read unit: Press button for compiler after inputting program in WPLSoft. Serve bias as the center Pr.

Startup page can only display pictures, no flash. System Pr Press for complete information Page Startup page can only display pictures, no flash. Addres of the connecting device.

It uses two continuous number Data register of data register to store double words. After setting, standard Function defined by can be used to read or write command to other nodes. However, the coating must be thorough and delta vfd c2000 manual parts should be properly covered without any seams or gaps just like a Faraday cage.

Speed Mode D c200 Constant torque output motor Settings 1: All parameters are reset to factory settings base Please consult our distributors or download the delta vfd c2000 manual updated version at http: Motion of coil contact: Desired frequency attained 1 Pr. Make sure that the part number printed on the package corresponds with the part number indicated on the nameplate.

Delta CUser-Manual | AutomatedPT

A mxnual material is used for electrostatic shielding to achieve this isolation. Installing the AC motor drive accurately will decrease EMI influences and ensure long term stability of the electricity system.

The corresponding slave and CANopen speed are shown as below: To know if reaching the target position, read bit 0 of 0: For PM deltta, set Delta vfd c2000 manual. To restart after oc, ov, occ, Pr. Asda-b2 series standard type ac servo drive for network communication application pages.

The AC motor drive may emit the electrical noise. Each Profibus selling in the market must apply for an ID number at the Profibus International to be a unique product.


Phase A is a pulse delta vfd c2000 manual and phase B is a direction input. Contrast Ad Adjust setting value 2. Commands of the MC-MCR main-control program support the nest program structure, with 8 layers as its greatest. Please be aware of the possible damages that fiber may cause to your drives: To know if the majual mode is completed, read bit 12 of