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That’s a fair point, although considering the most likely topologies, it might be quite safe to assume the designers went for “cost-effective”, and as such, probably not THAT reliant on pushing component specs to the d209l datasheet.

DL Datasheet PDF – ATE

There was an error while thanking. D209l datasheet answer to some speculation: It is also a half-bridge design. Synthetase on December 24, But if you’ll read the last sentence in the original post, it says “Can anyone suggest d209l datasheet equivalent device available at RS or E14?

December 24, In those sort of topologies, using two different transistors is Unlike probably yourself, most people d209l datasheet have all that many CRT’s laying around working or not. Synthetase Regular Contributor Posts: Thank you all for the suggestions and the interesting diversion. I’ve gutted several D209l datasheet for parts, and “even” i haven’t gathered two of the same kind of beefy transistors out of them. KhronX Frequent Contributor Posts: One of them is dead and I need to replace it.

I’ve had my own d209l datasheet of “fun” reviving an Antec SPP that had allegedly “met” some lightning, a few years ago. Some of the devices suggested have lower h fe than the original part. You can get them d209l datasheet China, but my usual sources RS, Element 14 don’t carry them. If memory serves, it had a pair of 2SC Not saying it’s wrong, only impractical.

(PDF) D209L Datasheet download

This power supply is a d209l datasheet China special and most people would throw it away, but D209l datasheet rather have a go at fixing it because I’ll learn something even if that something is “you needn’t have bothered”. Please login or register. You’ll probably take datawheet as flaming or d209l datasheet, but either way, there are a few tiny problems with your advice.

Hey all, I’m trying to repair a switching power supply. Careful with the gain, boys. Synthetase on December 23, I’m going to go through them and compare the data sheets.

Postage from China will take a few weeks and I’d really like to get this thing d209l datasheet before the end of the year. That, and if you’ll read the original post, it says d209l datasheet main switching transistors are DL high voltage NPN devices.

Can anyone suggest an equivalent device available at RS or E14? Did you miss your activation email?

Will take a little while, but hopefully I’ll be able to get something that’ll do the job. KhronX on December 23, d209l datasheet,