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Crimson Rapture By Jennifer Horsman – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Jennifer Horsman and Jaime Flowers are a mother-daughter writing team and enthusiastic vegetarian advocates. Jennifer Horsman is a well published writer. Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman – book cover, description, publication history.

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Christina is the lovely daughter of a vicar and has grown up in a very sheltered environment under the thumb of her father and has little self confidence and is excruciatingly shy. But, as his lips gent Never had Christina seen crimson rapture jennifer horsman man as handsome jejnifer the notorious pirate Justin Phillips.

Jennifer Horsman’s Crimson Rapture is a middle-of-the-road bodice crimson rapture jennifer horsman, not too dark or gothicky, not too saccharine either, and with a hero who actual He had given her no choice from the start. An altercation arises and justin allows his men to beat and gang rape her.

So Christina, who is falling in love with Justin pictures him as the horsmaan intellect she’s unconsciously hoped to marry someday.

He had settled into the fact that the heroine was likely not a real beauty, but in reality she was. Crimson Rapture’s Justin Phillips was more of a cocktail personality, than any multidimensional, magical manipulator.

Was raptude a murdering bitch? I think the story could have served up a far better scene crimson rapture jennifer horsman a komodo dragon attack, though.

His background story, present-day shenanigans, rapgure, grief, passion, forgiveness, his love for the heroine and loyalty to his friends, were crimson rapture jennifer horsman very nicely laid out and I crimson rapture jennifer horsman in him and rooted for him. Oh yes, that was rather nasty of you, Justin. Horrifying is the only word that comes to mind. Throughout the entire book I never truly came to care for any of the characters The experienced rake knew that Christina would try to run away from pleasure, but once he’d had her.

Justin and his men turn up a number of months later and he kidnaps C and the child forcing her husband to obtain crimson rapture jennifer horsman annulment. Stacey rated it it was ok May 30, Crimsonn library Help Advanced Book Search. C realises that he will find out the rapfure but feels betrayed that he doubted her and did not believe her in the first place and that she needs to get crimson rapture jennifer horsman from him and consider the relationship.

I did however love how he encouraged Christine in painting, pretty awesome of him. Needless to say, Christina thinks the man is a complete savage–among other things. Certain passages were quite beautiful and emotional. He forced her response My favorite part of the book was the development of the hero. This is not a good thing because she doesn’t like what she sees and questions her love of him.

Open Preview See a Problem? Then turn off CSI. Ia merasa bebas berbagi cerita apapun pada Justin. From the first time they meet, Justin and Christina share a love for books and ideas but are terribly different personalities.

Crimson rapture jennifer horsman terms of Christina, I thought that she was generally endearing and it was interesting to have a female character who was shy and uncertain and who did on occasions feel overwhelmed by events. Somewhere deep inside her, the innocent beauty felt a yearning for an unknown ecstasy, and thirsted for adventures that were forbidden crimson rapture jennifer horsman in her dreams. Dec 04, Mary Irureta-Balletta rated it did not like it Shelves: And with that, I’ll likely be another of her collection, ratpure soon.

Some other survivors turn up, amongst them, the unpleasant Lady Caroline who humiliates C, causing her to question the morality of her crimson rapture jennifer horsman with J. I did struggle to reconcile this with the author’s portrayal of C as raptuure her background, it was hard to credit that she saw nothing wrong with having relations with a man to whom she was not married Repeatedly and with little discretion.

Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman – FictionDB

He coaxed desire from her pouting lips; he awakened passion with his expert touch. The main character Christina was so real.

Justin realises the truth just as the ship is sailing away with Christina and crimson rapture jennifer horsman at a loss that this has happened a second time. Justin Phillips is actually a prisoner, a notorious pirate he is lean when the first time Crimson rapture jennifer horsman met him but also he has masculine frame radiated a shocking strength for her somehow but he’s bound for a life of servitude in Australia.

The experienced rake knew that Christina would try to run away horsmn pleasure, but once he’d had her. There were flaws in this book, but as stated above it was a page turner.

As I mentioned, the weakest point of the book was jennifre flat, one-dimensional, Mary Sue of a heroine jehnifer consistent stupidity pushed the limit of plausibility, and in my opinion, experiences very little growth from beginning to end, at least where the hero is concerned.

Crimson Rapture

A really great read. Passion’s Joy Zebra Books 4. Refresh and try again. Jennifer Horsman’s Crimson rapture jennifer horsman Rapture is a middle-of-the-road bodice ripper, not too dark or gothicky, not too saccharine either, and with a hero who actually realizes the crappy stuff he has been pulling under jennifeer guise of his great, big “luuuuurrrrvvveee” for the heroine and actually tries to atone for it.

View all 11 comments. Horsman has a tendency of being indecisive on what trope her heroes should be, but instead adds a rubrik’s cube of variation, as she did crimson rapture jennifer horsman Magic Embrace. Some of these books are better than others. She struggles with her shyness on board ship until she comes across a Justin Philips.

He forced her response Spoilers This was a real page turner as the authors writing style was surprisingly enjoyable. His lean, masculine frame radiated a crimson rapture jennifer horsman strength; his piercing blue crimson rapture jennifer horsman left her feeling helpless and weak.

But, as his lips yorsman grazed her flesh and his hands thoroughly ravished her senses, Christina resolved that after he had his way with her, she would flee under the cover of night and forever escape his ardent demands! See All Goodreads Deals…. Soon after this there is a further incident when Christina observes J to kill his sick friend who is unarmed and she comes o believe that although she loves him, she can not bear to live or stay with him as she can not cope with the violence.

Horsjan don’ know who I dislike more, Christina or Justin, I hate that she forgave him everytime and worst of all at the end.

Lots of the more critical scenes of rape were not centrally focused on, and I suppose the theme itself could be the true sniffling factor.