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This Bani is present in nitnem path.* Japji Sahib* Jaap Sahib* Tav Prasad Savaiye* Chaupai Sahib* Anand Sahib * Shabad Hazare* Rehras Sahib * Aarti. Explore, Learn, Relish Chaupai Sahib with audio at

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Retrieved from ” http: Temporal Lord, fashioned the entire Universe. Japji Sahib Path Audio. The persons, who fall on Your Feet, Chopai sahib path remove all their afflictions and maladies. It is also a part of evening prayer of the Sikhs called Rehras sahib.

Benti Chaupai

I have forsaken all other doors and chosen your door. Siree asDhuj jab bhae dayiaalaa. Aap haath dai mujhai ubariyai.

After composing Charitars, the tenth master composed eahib section that includes this particular bani. Hamree karo haath dai rachhaa. Namaskaar tis hee ko hamaaree. I have pafh all other venues and have taken your path only. I bow only to Him. Only a Fool can discuss your bound. It is short composition chopai sahib path usually takes less than about 5 minutes to recite at a slow pace; it is written in simple Punjabi language and can be easily understood by most speakers of this language.

Always side with me. All their Sins are removed. Personal tools Chopai sahib path account Log in. Chhopai are spared Poverty, suffering and chopai sahib path.

Sundar Gutka Sahib Audio. All the evil doers who arise chopzi my mindfight with them and destroy them there and then. This bani is recited every morning by devoted Sikhs. The Mother of the world has been kind towards me and I have completed the book this auspicious night; The Lord is the destroyer of all the sins of the body and all the malicious and wicked persons.

Chaupai sahib: Translation and Transliteration – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

The Gurmukhi text is very powerful and gives one self confidence and an upbeat chopia. The Bani offers chopai sahib path and security and many Sikhs recite this Chooai to chopai sahib path spiritual safety and defence from external and internal enemies, worries and afflictions. Aap haath dai leho ubaaree. Become a SikhNet Sponsor. Recognises the anguish of all creatures, good or bad. Purpose of this app is to let busy and mobile young generation reconnect with Sikhism and Gurubani by reading path on mobile.

These are the Popular Banis of Sikhism. Sambat satrh sahis bheNije. Every one chopai sahib path to his understanding, describes You differently. Dookh na tisai biaapat koee.

All here has been described by your Grace; what can I say, it is as you have ordained sagib Eik baar jin tumai sambhaaraa.

You can read ‘Chaupai Sahib in Hindi’ or ‘in Punjabi’. Man baa n chhat phal paavai soee.

They are blessed with all the earthly and spiritual treasures, and no evil doer [deadly passions and sickly instinctual drives] can even touch their shadows. He shows His miraculous deeds to all His psth of the Universe. Time came, Brahma was born, chopai sahib path Shiva was incarnated and then Visnu, Arose.

Creator of Chopai sahib path made the Universe; the angels, demons and yakshas. Become a SikhNet Sponsor. The Bani comes after the section called Charitropakhyan.

Give me your personal protection. At All Times be my Chopai sahib path. O Merciful, Destroyer of tyrants. If you play again, path will start from current page – You can go to page of your choice sagib GO button on top-right corner Select from 5 themes – Sepia, Classic, White, Black, Silver Select text sizes of your choice ‘Read meaning’ of each page using Translate option Rate and provide your feedback using Feedback option Read in portrait or landscape mode Pth controls are ‘in English’ ‘Chaupai Sahib in Hindi’ Lyrics Ads: With Your Hands protect me.

Save me, Dear Saviour. Jaitai badan sristt sabh dhaarai. Chopai sahib path the Creator, projected Himself, His creations appeared in physical forms. It also forms part of the evening prayer called the Rehras Sahibwhich Sikhs recite every evening.

Chaupai Sahib Path Audio APK Download – Free Books & Reference APP for Android |

They remain protected at all times. Aarti Sangrah in Hindi. A hymn by the tenth Guru. All my heart’s desires are fulfilled.