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C datasheet, 2SC, C pdf, C data sheet search for integrated circuits from , semiconductors and electronic components. Collector Base Breakdown Voltage. Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage. Emitter Base Breakdown Voltage. Collector Cutoff Current. Emitter Cutoff Current. C Datasheet. V cbo = V, NPN Transistor – Sanken Posted on February 27, by Pinout Part Number: C, 2SC Function: Silicon NPN.

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I was datqsheet to contact Samson and get a c3856 datasheet for the amp. Hi, now that you have confirmed that the Sankens are the original fitment then it appears you are proposing to fit a non equivalent substitute.

The time now is c3856 datasheet Or if I did decide to fill all the spots, would I need to c356 any other parts to accomodate? If the Toshibas would work, they seem to be the better deal.

2SC3856 Bipolar Transistor

Page 1 of 6. As I see it you are losing both speed and gain in return for power. I’m looking for some replacement transistors for Sanken 2S C and 2S A, can’t c3856 datasheet to find them anywhere. Find More Posts datasheeet rkc7. C3856 datasheet do you need to replace the originals?

Yeah, I was wondering why a c3856 datasheet amp dztasheet be using Sankens, plus there were only 5 pairs per channel, which is supposed to put out w into 4 ohms So after your suggestion, I searched for both at the same time and I c3856 datasheet some!

Send a private message to rkc7.

C3856 View Datasheet(PDF) – Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Find More Posts by AndrewT. Find More Posts by jacco vermeulen. C3856 datasheet did that and found transistor complementary for my PPI amp. I do not know if this would be audible but the concensus on this forum is generally that fitting faster outputs can improve the sound provided c3856 datasheet amp is refettled to remain stable. Send a private message to anton. User Name Stay logged in? All same transistors have the same code “8N P” for the”80 P” for the Send a private message to AndrewT.

I’d rather believe that I do know what I’m talking about, but c3856 datasheet always willing to be told I don’t.

I’ll go ahead with the MJLs, but now I have some other parts needing replacement Resources saved on this page: You are going in the opposite direction. Even farther c3856 datasheet if you change the number of output pairs.

It looks like these c3856 datasheet have been put in along with the Sankens, are they appropriate for this amount of power?

PCB’s, caps, transformers, etc. I would expect this to c3856 datasheet some effect on performance. If anyone would like to buy the Sankens I have, I don’t need them. Although, I’m not even sure these are the c3856 datasheet transistors for the amp now because as I posted in the Solid State forum, I found that each transistor looks like it was aftermarket modified.

C_PDF Datasheet Download IC-ON-LINE

Send a private message to jacco vermeulen. Do you want to consider selecting something that can take a c3856 datasheet more c3856 datasheet or add extra devices in parallel? I’m assuming I wouldn’t need 5 of each transistor per channel like with the Sankens.

Parts Where to get, and how to make the best bits. I tried searching individually before with no results.

Yeah, the output sounds about right, it has v filter caps.