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The Buna Offense: The Ultimate Basketball Offense. 2 likes. This offense is equally effective versus all half court defenses. The Buna Offense has. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense Thanks!. Does anyone have diagrams for Buna Offense. DarrelJanckila Buna Offense January 07, PM, Registered: 11 years ago. Posts: 3.

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It’s soft pressure, so you’re not trapping, but offenss pressuring the ball with the 2 front defenders, After the defense bhna half-court, the top 2 defenders drop back to their zone positions. It was a good game, but the Suns have a ways to go defensively. You have to take what the defense gives you, the zone prevents the offense from driving into the lane, or post-up isolation.

These are some clips from Georgetown’s narrow win over Wichita State earlier in the day. My first game of the year watching Indiana so I originally wanted to see some box sets now that Coach Tom Crean is the head coach.

It’s important that each of your players develops a pre-shot routine. I like watching Butler mostly because I admire Brad Stevens. But at the same time he realizes that it’s a fishbowl in NYC, and there will be pressure to win right away. Both posts are on the low block which means the high-post is open. Get good at what you are doing, keep working on it, and keep improving.

Some really great college basketball games yesterday. If something works, I think you keep doing it. Against theI think the best way to do that is with a double high post like the high. Coach Howland doesn’t do instructional videos. This is something obviously drilled and conditioned into the players, Summary: As mentioned, they call it the domino formation because they are in a You also have a 3 man game in the corner like a triangle offense, and the 2 man game on the weak side, Like every motion offense, the ball must be reversed.

With tonight being the eve of Thanksgiving, just reminds us all of how much we should be thankful for and to take nothing for granted, and be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams. As soon as the transfer came and we saw him play and shootwe completely switched to stagger screens and ball-screening offense. Fastbreak and Early Offense.

X’s & O’s of Basketball: November

I managed to catch several sequences, so enjoy Once the basket is made, Kffense rips the ball out of the net and looks to inbound.

I think with the spread, you don’t technically really need any true back to the basket forwards. In this 4th quarter stretch where the Blazers got some big defensive stops and some big 3-point shots.

Do not allow transition baskets. Regardless of how hard you work, I will be working harder. I still don’t know why the Kings chose to trap the ball-screen. To prevent the player from popping a 3-pointer. What I want to show here mostly though, is how the Pistons are basically a dribble drive team with everything going thru Iverson, When you get a franchise player like Iverson, I think you do basically have to mold your team around that player.

The good thing about gapping, is that it will work regardless of your personnel. There’s really nothing to this play except simple fundamentals.

They just play great 1v1 and help defense. Game went to overtime and it was a fantastic finish with East Carolina winning at the end. Nonetheless, if the ball handler goes middle, X2 can still v-cut back.

Your 2 posts setup a stack screen down on the low block. O3 odfense around the pass looking for a pass from O2. He went to Leona High School and played basketball at that very small school. Billups is trying to blend into what the Nuggets are doing, while the Pistons are altering what their used to doing to Iverson.

Buna Offense

The Kings started out doubling Duncan hard, on the first dribble after the catch. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. That way, you are protecting the basket first, then closing out bnua. If you watched the video clip above, you’ll also enjoy the short blurb in between between Marv Albert and Reggie Miller of TNT talking about Steve Nash and his “non-recruiting” process coming out of Victoria here in Canada, and his illustrious career at Santa Clara before coming into the NBA.

Breithaupt Co-Authors Biography of Legendary Texas Coach

The Lakers on the other hand look like that Bulls team in that won 72 games, with a start, which means we’ll soon be hearing all those comparisons in the weeks and months to come.

If all the talk is true of Lebron wanting to leave Ohio for the Big Apple, he could be the perfect fit for D’Antoni’s 7 seconds or less offense. I know most of y’all lose sleep over breaking the press so I decided to look for it today to at least give y’all some more ideas. The ball gets passes to Outlaw O3 on the wing. In Coach John Beilein’s second full season with the Wolverines, I think a lot of people have higher expectations.

It’s usually out of a M2M defense, so there isn’t a predictable formation like a or a that you can particularly scheme for. Then he cuts to the far-side corner.

George Mason plays a similar kind of defense except they call it scramble.

Breithaupt Co-Authors Biography of Legendary Texas Coach

The dribble drive uses the drop off more and so you do need that forward in that low post spot for both the drop but also the offensive rebounds. You fake like it’s just regular M2M pressure, but then one of the off-ball defenders leaves his check to hard double the ball-handler.

The pass can come from O1 or O3 if that first pass is made, Finally, when the ball goes to the high post, O5 can shoot, drive, or pass to O4 on the high low, O2 who has shuffled to the opposite corner, O3 still in the corner, or bina out to O1 and reset, Summary: So, you basically have a 2 man game up top, and a 3 man game down low.