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List of documents required for/during a BSCI auditDocuments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Compliance Checklist for Garment Industry. uploaded by Bsci Audit Checklist. 31 Dec Audit Methodology: Industrial. Tier I. Page 2/ BSCI Audit Summary Report. This is an extract of the BSCI Audit Report, which is available in. BSCI audits are conducted exclusively by the Auditing Companies accredited by . check list GRASP, as equivalent to the BSCI self-assessment questionnaires.

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The producers also can directly apply for BSCI audit by submitting the prescribed booking cjecklist to us. Amfori BSCI supplier audit — questions and answers. Injury Record and Analysis Register.

Workers participation committee notice Register. It is normally performed during the sorting phase qualification phase of suppliers during the bscu. Machine Bsci audit checklist Log Book. If your source is a manufacturer it will be made at the factory premise. First Aid Training register. Drinking Bsci audit checklist Test Report. Income Tax Clearance Certificate.

C ontact us for getting access those information. Water jar, fire Biter, Fire Hook, Stretcher. See our Supplier Audit Solutions in Asia. Electrical wiring covers of iron. Why use the BSCI Supplier Audit in China and Asia I n the context of globalisation and international competition, many companies source labour-intensive goods from developing and newly industrialised countries.

BSCI has over member companies around a development-oriented system applicable to all sectors and sourcing countries. You also bsci audit checklist time and money! Some common documents for bsci audit checklist. Legal compliance Working hours Compensation Prohibition of child labour Prohibition of forced labour bsci audit checklist disciplinary measures Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining Prohibition checkliat all forms of discrimination Workplace health and safety Management systems Environment and safety issues How can Apply for BSCI audit?

The BSCI audit must be initiated by participants. BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative is a bsci audit checklist business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions checklust the global supply chain.

Bsci audit checklist our service you save yourself the inconvenience of multiple audits, as well as costs and time. However, working conditions in these countries often do not comply with basic labour standards, such as those established by bsci audit checklist International Labour Organization ILO. You also gain a key competitive advantage in tender procedures by using the amfori BSCI audit to prove that issues like social and ethical sustainability are important for you.

BSCI Buyers Checklist ~ Compliance Solution Desk

Additional links of interest. On-Site Audit We lead bsci audit checklist review on location at vendor premises. Price Bsci audit checklist of food. T his Vhecklist Evaluation usually takes place during the sourcing phase, after you have spotted a potential supplier to manufacture your goods and before you send money to them as deposit.

Time card for all workers last one yearWages, Overtime sheet for all workers last one yearPersonal files for all workers. Last Visited Service Pages. Sourcing Completion Phase 75 Risk diminishing estimation 90 Benefits Sort out suppliers you have sourced Identify who is bsci audit checklist and who is not Avoid scamming Verify your contact is a bsci audit checklist manufacturer Assess working conditions of your vendor Verify working environment Identify the real manufacturer Bsci audit checklist will know the real source of your vendor What customers say Martin L.

DB board-Danger sign, Rubber mat. See our Supplier Audit in Asia Tips. Original copy of all licenses like Factory, Trade, Fire, Boiler etc. Workers Work Station blocks.

Training for Waste handling Register. Preceding the audit, we ask every processing site to fill in the BSCI assessment toward oneself survey. BSCI aims to establish a common platform for the various European companies Codes of Conducts and monitoring systems, it also lays the groundwork for a common monitoring system for social compliance.

The bsci audit checklist spotted the real manufacturer when visiting the premises where production was made. Buyer bsci audit checklist of conduct hangs in Notice board.

Garments, fabric, Finished Carton, bsci audit checklist in the floor. Maternity Follow up file. Grievance Daily Disposal Register. If your supplier is a trading company there are chances that the auditor get invited to perform its audit at the manufacturing area which they cooperate with for production. Waste water test Report ETP. HIV aids Awareness Register. Performance Appraisal of workers and NMS. Registration and Entry in the BSCI System Bsci audit checklist the audit supplier receive a written report in English with the test results — including images of the plant.

BSCI Supplier Audit in China – Business Social Compliance Initiative

Our investigators then assess the site, including the produciton area, dorms, and cafeteria, meeting executives and different representatives, and check documentation. We certify your bsci audit checklist management systems according to ISO Pulley Guard Needle Guard. In your supplier audits you can rely on the extensive experience of our experts, and through the audit you can strengthen the trust of your customers and business partners. Applying for an audit; amfori member requests BSCI audit or approves audit request via BSCI platform Preparing for the audit, filling out a self-assessment questionnaire Bsci audit checklist of supplier with opening and closing meetings, interviews of managers and workers, on-site inspection and documentation review Audit result and report, including documentation of results in the amfori BSCI platform Possible follow-up audit after up to 12 months if requirements bsci audit checklist not fulfilled Full audit to renew the listing, before two years elapse.

Water Hose Pipe Checck. You also take responsibility for fair production and working conditions and create a way of proving your social commitment.