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ICONOCLASH: Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion and Art [Bruno Latour, Peter Weibel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For instance, Bruno Latour argues that scientific iconoclasms–which he terms iconoclashes so as to highlight their contestation –differentiate facts (scientific. Exhibition view “Iconoclash” Website: ; Credits. Peter Weibel (Curator); Bruno Latour (Curator); Peter Galison (Curator); Adam Lowe.

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In contrast to this, statuary images are depicted as undermining the relationship between worshippers and God and thus must be destroyed, regardless of who possesses them e.

The concept of iconoclasm entails a contestation over—and destruction of—images coinciding with a belief in the fallacious nature of their representation. One final point that needs some further explication here is that the destruction of images is always linked to an opposition to certain practices and individuals.

What is Iconoclash ? or Is there a world beyond the image wars ?

Latour proposes that iconoclastic destruction cannot lconoclash separated from a production of a new image —a condition that creates an irreconcilable contradiction between the destruction of mediations and the proliferation of images. Hiding the name and location of the collection in which the paintings will appear, the artist wilfully decided not to control who, when, for how long and how many visitors will end up licking — or not — the piece, relegating its fate or doom to a series of uncontrollable variables and circumstances.

ZKM Media Museum, ground floor.

Edward James Martin traces this movement to an Islamic influence on the Eastern Church, which was btuno adopted by Emperor Constantine V and provoked a rash of destruction, particularly of images in public places Add a tag Cancel Be the first to add a tag for this edition. Plato denigrates the status of the image in his Republic on account of its derivation from an original ideal model.

Includes bibliographical references and index. Comments and reviews What are comments? Thus beliefs in the efficacy of science—and in particular its demystification of nature—corresponded to an assault on the images of religion in general, rather than specific uses of religious images. But to me it will be much more interesting if this intriguing story ends like the beautiful poem by Giuseppe Ungaretti: Beyond the image wars in science, religion, and art.

Art Gallery of New South Wales. By linking the three domains of theology, art and science all at once, the aim is not to increase the critical mood or to reinforce disbelief and irony. The exhibit aims to display, in a systematic confrontation, three great clashes about representation — about its necessity, sanctity, and power — in the domains of science, art, and religion.

The quandary of the many artists, saints, scientists, militants who populate the chapters of this book is that they are taken in between those two contradictory urges; this is what we call an iconclash, that is, a deep uncertainty on the power, sanctity, and violence of images.

On the contrary, the aim is to transform iconoclasm from being an indisputable resource into a topic to be systematically interrogated. In such disparate circumstances as 16th century England and post-Soviet Eastern Idonoclash, the predominance of iconoclastic defacement and destruction within public areas has been overwhelming. Keyword for Avant-Gardism as Explicative Force.

Another common characteristic of iconoclastic gestures is their public performativity. The University of Chicago Press, Image wars are everywhere, from the Taliban destruction of the Buddhas to the doubts about scientific imagery, through the debunking of media powerful manipulations.

And then started humming. The work thus becomes the site of a private rendezvous, where the feelings of respect for the piece of art and desire of licking it and thus participating in its destruction chase each other.

Strother Taking pictures of supernatural beings? The Protestant movement advocated a sense of religion in which personal contact with God was achieved through reading the Bible alone, thus shunning the more numerous mediations in the Catholic Church religious hierarchies, the pantheon of saints, and mediatory images other than the Bible.

These 28 locations in All: University of Newcastle Library. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Separate different tags with a comma. For example, the destruction of the image by avant-garde artists can be regarded as an iconoclastic gesture —especially by classicist artists—but they are also creating other images in the process.

iconoclasm/iconoclash | The Chicago School of Media Theory

University of Western Australia. Halbertal, Moshe and Margalit, Avishai. Open to the public ; held Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries Harvard University Press, Far from fading into obscurity with the rise ionoclash more politically-oriented and ideological-driven iconoclasms, this carnivalesque atmosphere can be observed in the defacement and dismantling of monuments from Soviet-era Eastern Europe, many of which were destroyed in mass-participation spectacles.