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ScanViewer is no longer available from the App Store after 30th September . Additionally, the Brother ScanViewer Guide will no longer be available from. VueScan is the best way to get your Brother MFCW working on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS High Sierra, and more. See why over Scan to FTP (MFCN and MFCW only) where your document will be stored on the FTP server (for example /brother/abc/) (up to 60 characters). 6.

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Please note this form is used for feedback only. Use the dial pad to enter the password.

Put the document face up in the ADF, or face down on the scanner brother mfc-7840w scan to. If you want to change the file name, go to Step Creating a user defined File Name In addition to brother mfc-7840w scan to seven present file names you can store two brothre defined file names that can be used for creating an FTP Server Profile.

If you need further assistance, please contact Brother sccan service: Use the dial pad to enter the username. Enter the name that you want to use for the profile of the FTP server. Find out more Accept.

Choose the file name you want to use for the scanned document.

To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. Follow the instructions brogher to configure and use the Scan to File feature.

Scan to FTP (MFCN and MFCW only)

By default this setting is ON. Use the Scan to File feature using the Scan key on the Brother machine. The LCD shows Connecting.

Very helpful Helpful Not helpful. If you want to start scanning, press Start and go to Step Enter the Password for access to the FTP server for the Username that was registered up to 32 characters. Press or to choose a file name you want to use and press OK. brother mfc-7840w scan to

This name will be displayed on the LCD of the machine and can be up to 15 characters. If you don’t find the Brother mfc-7840w scan to FAQs at the end of the page, that means this note is not applicable for your machine. How does brother mfc-7840w scan to information on this page help you?

Have you checked the manuals? Enter a file name in one of the two user defined fields and click Submit. To use Web Based Management, type http: Download and install the Scanner Driver. Use the Scan to File feature from the ControlCenter. The Scan to File feature allows you to scan a document and automatically save it into a specified location on your computer in PDF format. Enter the Username that has been registered with the FTP server for the machine up to 32 characters.

The default for this setting is port You can also change the port number used to access the FTP server. This website is using cookies. Enter the Host Address for example ftp. If you want to change the file name manually, go to step Press Brother mfc-7840w scan to and go to Step 8.

In most cases these two settings can remain as default. Press or to choose one of the FTP server profiles listed. Press OK and go to 6. Choose the brother mfc-7840w scan to type for the document from the pull-down list.

Scan and save a document in PDF format (Scan to File) | Brother

Do one of the following: A maximum of 15 characters can be entered in each of the user defined name fields. If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

Choose the quality that the document will be scanned at from the pull-down list. When the connection to the FTP server is successful the machine starts the scanning process.

You can configure up to ten FTP server Profiles. You can choose from seven present and two user defined File Names.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Press OK and go to 7. Brother mfc-7840w scan to to the Contact Us section. Press Start and go to Step Enter the file name you want to use up to 15 characters and press OK. By continuing to browse you are accepting our Privacy Policy.