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Bree and the Barrow-Downs (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP) [Heike Kubasch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This adventure module. Retrospective: Bree and the Barrow-Downs. This is the first in a trilogy of undead modules, as I like to think of them, the others being Erech and. The Barrow-downs, or Tyrn Gorthad, was an area of low hills located to the east of the Shire and the Old Forest, and west of the village of Bree. They were made.

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Not far away lie the eerie barrow-tombs of the cursed Kings of Cardolan Tyrn Gorthad was first made and inhabited by “forefathers” of the Edain in the First Age. In a skirmish, up to eight armies can play there.


The Witch-king unleashed apparitions known as “Barrow-wights” upon Tyrn Gorthad to haunt its great tombs of men, for two millenia. Fleeing the Black Riders in September of TAFrodo Baggins and his three companions came and were ensnared brre a wight in one of the numerous barrows. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Fantasy High Fantasy Horror Supernatural. The descriptive majority of this article or section’s text may currently be speculative, and should be supported with references.

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It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. There are arial views for the villages of Bree, Staddle, Archet, and Combe. Here at the crossroads of the northern Dunedain Kingdom is located the old surviving settlement of Hobbits, the village of Bree.

Dragon Issue 91 – Nov The downs are rich in treasure and adventure, but it would be prudent for the adventurous to seek the council of the wise before trying their luck in the ancient and eerie tombs. War in the North. They were made by men in the ancient days of the Northern Kingdom, and served as resting places for the men of bref north, as well as Dunedainuntil evil spirits called Barrow-wights came and began to inhabit their barrows.

Martin Is Winter Coming? A layout of a typical hobbit-hole is provided, giving the feel of the mixed hobbit-mannish population. There’s a real brew of foreboding evil that saturates Bree’s atmosphere without going over the top. The module is set in the yearmaking the undead presence a fresh wound, and thus primarily a killer of morale. I supported because… “Role playing games have always been an outlet for my imagination. So I’m not sure what mischief an all-Troll party or even a party with a single Troll!

Bree and the Barrow-Downs Average Rating: Tuesday, January 10, Retrospective: No Web Links Found.

These tomb layouts are where the module delivers, no less than 24 of them by my count, each detailing the treasure contents of artifacts, magic items unheard of, powerful weapons, jewels, and antiquated coin. Skill Breee buy or gain skills.

Level Based Earn XP and level up. MERP Publications by title.

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More Information Edit History. I never got any use out of it, and I’m baffled as to why. The butler didn’t do it: First Age barrows, the royal barrows of Arnor’s kings fromand the barrows of Cardolan’s kings and princes Just as cooks pray for a good crop of young animals and fishermen for a bargow haul of fish, in the same way busybodies pray for a good crop of calamities or a good haul of difficulties that they, like cooks and fishermen, may always have something to fish out and butcher.

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. The Barrow-downsor Tyrn Gorthadwas an area of low hills located to the east of the Shire and the Old Forestand west of the village of Bree. Please select a support frequency. Retrieved from ” http: The odd thing about the MERP trolls, of course, is they’re built just like the NPCs, as trolls were just another playable race in that system.

Many wights dwell throughout.

Bree, on the western slope of Bree Hill; Staddle, on the other side of the hill; Combe, a few miles to the east, and Archet, which lies a few miles northeast of Bree.

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