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Get BlueAnt Wireless X5i Bluetooth Headset User Manual. Get all BlueAnt Wireless manuals! 6Product Features (X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset). List of all equipment and user manuals BlueAnt Wireless, stored in the category Bluetooth 13, BlueAnt Wireless X5 user manual · BlueAnt Wireless X5. The Missing Manual J.D. Biersdorfer Blue Ant X5 Bluetooth stereo headphones . Lose the uncomfortable earbuds and the wires, too, with these wireless.

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Battery InformationBattery Level Indicator: Don’t see a manual you are looking for? What is the battery life for X5 Headset and Audio Streamer?

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Blueant wireless lcd bluetooth headset user manual 16 pages. Because the power consumptionof both devices is almost the same, the connection time will also be similar.

As newer phones are like mini-computers, they may become corrupt over time and you may bluewnt to reset them every so often at least once a week is good. For Bluetooth security reasons, once you manhal set up your Bluetoothdevices we recommend turning OFF the visibility option in the BluetoothMenu of your phone so that other Bluetooth users cannot see your device. LED will first flash Blue rapidly and then change toalternating red and blue flash.

BlueAnt Wireless X5i : Bluetooth Headset User Manual

The X5 will remain connected within a range of 10 meters so if you are staying near the device but want to take calls through the phone simply switch the X5 off. Q in this Bludant.

Frequently Asked Questions faq 2. X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset 8. Continuous listening of music at high volume may cause hearing defects. Via Scatternet connection, you can answer incoming call from aBluetooth phone while listening to music from audio device connected toAudio Streamer. Page 33 X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headset Click MFB once to answer the call. When in use, the X5 battery will last for 12hrs. MP3 phone and which will accommodate 3. Got it, continue to print.

Can somebody else take control of my X5 if they are in range? How do I handle voice calls when the X5 is connected to a phone? Troubleshooting Faq This indicates a low battery level. The conditions for warranty are as follows: To make a call, dial from the mobile phone and when the dial tone is heard, click MFB once to switch over to Headset.


Is my X5 Stereo Headset charged? Images seen in this manual are for illustrations only.

This is true for anyBluetooth devices. Product Warranty Blueant Wireless Pty Ltd warrants this product against all defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years for the X5 Headset and Streamer and six months for batteries, from the date of purchase by end user. Bluetooth signals are radio waves and so, do not need line of sight mznual.

Never touch the electric cord or plug with wet hands and never use force to pull the cord or plug. I am having trouble pairing a manuxl phone, what can I do? Why is the X5 noisy and distorted? Continuous listening of music at high volume may cause hearing defects. When Pairing a second mobile phone, make sure the first is off or out ofrange. How does the X5 use Bluetooth technology? To pair Audio Streamer with Headset, first put Headset into pairingmode.

X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headsetradio station bands. Refer to your Phone User Bkueant for janual additional steps blueznt. The X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is a high quality wireless audio devicethat provides users with audio entertainment and voice functions at its bestwhile giving complete freedom from physical wires. For a list of A2DP compatible phones, check out For incoming mobile phone calls, simply press the MFB on the X5 once to answer.

Check our website for updated manuals, more information, and troubleshooting assistance www. Can I use the X5 Stereo to listen to music from my mobile?

Page 32 X5i Stereo Bluetooth Headset Check your phones manual or our compatibility list on the Blueant website for compatible devices.

Also, if someone in the vicinity puts his or her Bluetoothdevice into pairing mode, this will cause interference. Page 33 MP3 phone and which will accommodate 3. No, the X5 can only connect to previously paired devices that have been properly authenticated.

When battery level is low, LED flashes red every second.