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: Bloodline (Bloodline (Paperback)) (): Kate Cary: Books. Thirty-five years have passed since the death of the Master. But now a new evil walks among the living When nineteen-year-old John Shaw returns. Mary Seward thought she had escaped the darkness of Transylvania. But now, back in England, she has terrible nightmares, fears the night, and sees vampires.

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The way the book was ending I did not expect but other then that this book kkate to interest me fully. Mary now sees that she has to be stronger and deprive herself of her one true love that is no longer the same man. This is a book which continues in the same vein get it?

After some Renfield references, John regains his sanity and – surprise of all surprises – falls in love with blooline becomes engaged to Mary.

Here’s all this horror; great, now tell us what you want us to take away from it. Bloodline is a book that you think is going to be your typical go to Transylvania kill a vampire bloldline the war etc. I found myself developing crushes on some of the male characters–heh heh! I think I will read book 2 just to see where the story goes Among some of my favorites.

Harker’s ferocity knows no limits, and. There is a nice vary twist as well. Mary joins in too, as we are reading his account at the same time as her – as John has come back from the trenches feverish and she decides it’s a perfectly decent idea to nick his diary and read it.

I’m so glad I gave this book a chance! I was worried but happily surprised. Apparently, the villainous vampire who had an affair with Mina after the original novel’s end, and who took her to Transylvania after Jonathan’s unexpected death, was not Count Dracula at all, but rather Count Dracula’s son, Tepes.

Sep 26, Carson rated it cafy was amazing. Seward, which was being used as bloodoine hospital during the war.

John annoyed me the minute he started interacting with Mary. The characters are well developed, interesting.

Hesitantly, I decided to read it during my lunch breaks. One night a soldier named Private Smith falls asleep on his watch, and Germans invade the trench. Oct 26, Tatyana Klimek rated it it was amazing. Quincey Harker is a vampire and belongs to the Dracula family, though the father on his birth certificate is the deceased Jonathan Harker.

I don’t know many books like this one but this is the book I choose. The story was rather silly. Overall I thought this book was just below average.

My interest was piqued. Jeg kan knap nok vente.

Bloodline by Kate Cary Imagine being in bed and having nightmares for 2 months straight, only for these dreams of reality to be true the effects of paranormal specimens on the mind can be quite ,ate.

The detail the author writes in this book is phenomenal to me. Paperbackpages.


So pick up the book and start reading! Dracula Dracula Dracula It was a great format, written as parts of journals.

John and Lily’s mother, Rosemary Shaw, who was believed to be dead, is also found living at the castle as a vampire. May 29, Questingforaquest rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mary Seward kste she had escaped the darkness of Transylvania. Jeg har talt timerne, indtil jeg ser Mary igen.

The main thing in the book is that Lieutenant Shaw needs to recover from something called trench fever. Lists with This Book.

Bloodline 2

Aug 30, Sarah Hughes rated it really liked it. Mary Seward is on shi In Bloodline written by Kate Cary, Mary Seward is a young nurse and Lieutenant John Shaw go through a drastic emotional and physical development throughout the book.

After he is hospitalised the dreams start: Feb 01, Pages Cafy Adult. Those are more lucrative, so guess which she spends most of her time on? Even though I have no interest in reading other books in this series, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this book is as atrocious as Twilight.

Bloodline (Bloodline , book 1) by Kate Cary

One evening while catching some fresh air Lily finds herself faced by a sailor. When he does, he has his suspicions of Harker because of vague memories of the war. Dracula The Brides of Dracula Dracula: Harker is a vampire that has preyed on the living for many years.

I didn’t completely like the direction which it took at the end, although I think it has set things up nicely for the sequel, ‘Reckoning’ which is published in February He ends up in a sanatorium where Mary Seward works as a nurse.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. However, to be fair, I’m not in the target age range, seeing as I’m an adult although I use that term loosely. I did not expect the end such as it was, but that might have been because my copy has a duplicate chunk of pages that was a lot of pages and it seemed to have perhaps jumped a scene or two when it picked back up after the fact.

By far better than any other vampire book I have ever read which there is a lot of those.