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Operator Manual BPe. Series of Tape Dispensers. The World’s Leading. Carton Sealing System. BETTER. PACKAGES”. Canal Street, Shelton, CT. Better Pack®. Seal with Integrity. TM. e. Product Line The Better Pack e was extensively tested and . (Standard manual dispenser was used for. Online service guide for your Better Pack from Tigerseal Products. Quality products and superior customer support for over 26 years.

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The cutter blade wotrks fine. Better Packages dispensers have been extensively tested and proven in better pack 555e manual highest volume shipping applications for over 90 years.

Requires custom roll pads and ink. Tape does better pack 555e manual stick well. Machine’s keypad is calibrated in Inches and voltage is V. Accessories such as the foot pedal and AMD Automatic Measuring Device further ease use by providing hands-free dispensing and automatic carton measuring.

Reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape, gummed side in or gummed side out. Why Buy Genuine Parts? Reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape, gummed side in Water Bottle Capacity: The Better Pack eS is an electric water-activated tape dispenser also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed or gum tape water-activated tape dispenser made for fast-paced shipping and packaging environment.

Dispenser in the industry. This page was last updated: Check to verify the tape path is correct. Untested pakc will probably be used for parts. No electricity is manuap On Better Packages models add a few drops of light machine oil to felt pads.

Elkridge, Maryland Phone: We better pack 555e manual service most major cities on the East Coast of the U. Apply light coating of light machine oil to back of blade. Product Reviews There are no reviews for this model yet. Model Number 8BP The capital equipment required to keep a packaging line running at peak efficiency represents a significant investment for any organization.

Will hold ‘ rolls of reinforced and non-reinforced, 1. Newsletter Better pack 555e manual To get the most up to date pricing and inventory, sign-up to receive our newsletter delivered right to your email! There is a little rust on the front. Important to manuaal, the BPIJ is designed to accept the printer head, which is sold separately along with the controller, software and ink.

Manua from the tape may accumulate and reduce the effectiveness of the moistening system. Oil upper and lower blades lightly with light machine oil. Better pack 555e manual electricity is needed to operate the tape dispenser Sustainable and Cost-effective. To ensure maximum productivity, a dispenser must be easy to learn and operate. Better Pack Packer 3s. Why Buy Genuine Parts? The most popular manual lever paper gum tape dispenser.

These materials need to be cleaned from the blades. There are no reviews for this model yet. Check that the water brush es and water tank are properly inserted so they don’t block the tape path.

Better Packages

The blade is sharp and can cut easily, so be careful working around it. Products and service names profiled herein are trademarks of their respective companies.

Check heater operation, adjust if necessary.

Symptom Trouble Shooting Tips Symptom: Remove upper tape plate and look for mmanual pieces of tape which may cause jamming. Tape dispensers are mechanical devises and safety features must be built in to protect the operator.

Better Packages | Cantwell Cleary

Better Pack brand gummed tape dispensers incorporate safety features you won’t find in any other manual or electronic dispenser. The Packer 3S can be used with both reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape that is either better pack 555e manual side in or gummed side out.

Never clean or work on an electric or electronic dispenser with the power turned on. Better Pack Packer 3s Call. The dial that adjusts the length of tape works fine.