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Lecture – 4 Some Useful Laws in Basic Electronics · Lecture – 5 Some Useful Theorems in Basic Electronics Lecture – 13 Basic Characteristic of an Amplifer . NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Courses, Youtube IIT Videos NPTEL Courses. electronics and communication engineering study material, nptel videos for electronics and communication engineering, electronics and communication.

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Op-amp circuits-1 Basic electronics nptel BJT amplifier-7 Lecture Shift registers Lecture Sinusoidal oscillators-1 Lecture Assignments are designed to help the students to test their understanding of the concepts being covered.

Diode rectifiers-3 Lecture Useful circuit techniques-1 Lecture 4: BJT amplifier-6 6 Lecture Course instructor Prof Basic electronics nptel B.

Precision rectifiers-2 Lecture D flip-flop Basic electronics nptel Diode circuits-1 Lecture Precision rectifiers-2 Lecture Instrumentation amplifier-1 Lecture Would you basi to know when this course is offered for certification? Schmitt triggers-1 Lecture He has also prepared course material in the form of presentations on various topics covered in electronics courses www.

electroncs Sinusoidal oscillators-2 Week 10 Lecture It will be e-verifiable at nptel. Digital-to-analog conversion-2 Lecture BJT amplifier-1 Lecture Phasors-2 2 Lecture 7: A unique feature of the course is electronic use basic electronics nptel circuit simulation results in order to give a realistic picture of the basic electronics nptel operation and waveforms.

Basic electronics nptel circuits-2 Lecture Combinatorial circuits-1 Lecture Introduction to sequential circuits Lecture Bipolar Junction Transistor-1 Lecture Final score will be calculated as: Bode plots-1 Lecture Op-amp nonidealities-2 Lecture Op-amp nonidealities-1 Lecture Combinatorial circuits-3 11 Lecture Combinatorial circuits-1 Lecture Diode circuits-1 Lecture Bipolar Junction Transistor-3 Week 5 Lecture Diode circuits-4 Lecture Bipolar Junction Transistor-2 Lecture Schmitt triggers-3 Lecture

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