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A multipurpose tree with edible and medicinal uses, as well as a host of other applications such as oil, agroforestry, insecticide and timber. It is harvested from. Preferred Scientific Name; Azadirachta excelsa. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Plantae; Phylum: Spermatophyta; Subphylum. The best-known species of the genus Azadirachta (family Meliaceae) is A. indica (Indian neem tree). There are at least two other congeneric species in.

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The plantation in Terengganu is located about 10 km south of Sungai Tong town 5 o 21’N and o 53’E. In other projects Wikispecies. Kamis Awang Email address: Year ISBN Description An excellent series of leaflets, this one gives information on the wood of several species of light hardwoods. Wise] General Information Sentang is a large deciduous tree, growing up to 50 metres tall.

Sentang Drawing of the leaves, flowers and fruit Photograph by: Growth is slow initially but subsequently increases significantly.

Azadirachta excelsa

The trees were planted at a spacing of 2. Phoon Ah Kow, the owner of the plantation for access. Acid tolerance of Pacific northwest conifers in solution culture. An examination of the degtjareft method for determining soil excwlsa matter and a proposed modification of the chromic acid titration method.

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This page was last edited on 26 Marchat If you have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment. Establishing forest plantation is one of the solutions for this crisis.

Colorimetric determination of phosphorus in soil and plant materials with ascorbic acid. Tey Ah Lim, Dr. The volume calculation formula was obtained from 42 harvested trees Ong, unpublished data.

Prefers alluvial, medium textured, free draining, acidic soils.

Chile and New Zealand have already turned to forest plantations for timber production. Studies have shown that the presence of Al in the soil solution increased tree uptake of K and reduced Ca Ryan et al. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating.

Lim Meng Tsai Email address: When considered together, foliar concentration of Ca for dbh also had some influence on tree growth.

The oil is used to make soap. It is harvested from the wild, mainly for local use, but the timber is traded. However, the species was reported to perform excepsa on N and P deficient soils Ongunder shade Sofiawater stress Jerry and on compacted soils Jusnani Abdul Razak Sulong, Mr.

InForestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia launched Forest Plantation Compensatory Project to coverha by the year with year rotation. Multiple regressions equation relating soil properties and foliar nutrient concentrations to growth a. Azadirachta excelsa commonly known as sentang [2] is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. Thesis, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang.

Effects of varying shades on the growth and physiology of Azadirachta excelsa Jack Jacobs seedlings.

The plantation was established following clear cutting of first rotation mature old palm stand in July Mature leaves were bulked to give a composite sample. Effects of fertilizers and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas on the growth and photosynthesis of Azadirachta excelsa Jack Jacobs seedlings. Mohamed Yusof Yaacob and Mr.

The bark is pinkish grey or pinkish brown. Growth of two-year-old A. The average annual temperature varies from Scenario of Malaysian forestry in the 21st century.

Azadirachta excelsa – Wikipedia

In the mid ‘s the Malaysian government began promoting several tree species for forest plantations, one of which is Azadirachta excelsa. The trees in the Sungai Karas stand were significantly bigger and taller that those in the Sungai Tong stand. Influence of edaphic factors and tree nutritive azadirachtx on the productivity of Pinus radiata D. The differences may due to different site preparation, management practices and climate.

The experiment was conducted in the state of Terengganu and Johore, Malaysia Figure 1.

Azadirachta excelsa – Useful Tropical Plants

Effects of water stress on growth and some physiological characteristics of Azadirachta excelsa Jack Jacobs seedlings. From the above relationships, it can be seen that the soil characteristics that best explain the differences in growth are slope for height and volume and K for dbh.

This is the best way to guarantee an adequate supply of clonal material from desirable donor trees. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Retrieved 7 February Regression equations relating soil properties and foliar nutrient concentrations to growth parameters were obtained Table 5.

Foliar sampling was carried out in August Operational schedules for application of fertilizers are presented in Table 1. Root cuttings are possible for industrial scale A. Calcium concentration in the foliage was less than 3.