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Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest (walkthrough). Walkeekie; 33 videos; 54, views; Last updated on Jun 2, Walkthrough of “Aveyond: Rhen’s Quest”. Play all. AVEYOND BUILD B WALKTHROUGH – mandatory quests. NOTE: THIS When Rhen sleeps, there is a cut scene showing the Dark Lord Ahriman. He is still. At this point, the main quest for the game begins. You must Have Lars cast while Rhen and Elini just do the worst damage they can with their most powerful spells. the child you picked up in New Witchwood if you followed this walkthrough.

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Before you fight him, go out into the jungle and fight some spiders and snakes for experience. There are other non-mandatory treasures scattered around.

The cave will take you to another meadow where the last marionbell is. The right switch opens the door to the final part of the maze, where you must complete four Word Puzzles. Enjoy more dialogue, and then follow his instructions Your room is on the first floor of the Academy – enter the courtyard, then go to the left door and search the rooms one by one.

Also, be sure to visit the Queen who will talk about her husband and the Fancy Lamp beside her. Sign in Already have an account?

Once you take him back to Aveyond, you can choose a gift from his treasury. Allow him to do so, and head back down to the thieves hideout. Walk thr for Aveyond, visit www. From the Title screen, select New Game. To re-mount it, stand on the landing symbol and do the same. You need to capture a fairy and have probably been looking for a bottle to do so, correct?

Go to your house. Does anyone know where I can find a walk thru for Aveyond? Near the entrance of the city, go into the junk dealer’s shop look for a shop with a sign that has a key on it. To start, trip the two switches on the eastern end of the maze … one opens a door in the southwestern part, so head there then.

Aveyond Walkthrough and Cheats |

Talk to her, and agree to escort her to Aveyond. One of them leads to the Waterfall Caves, where you will find a bone on the ground. Find seven druids and take them to a place called Aveyond. Agree and follow Peter into the cave. And also it would be better if you use the god goodie near the game ending because leveling up at higher levels are time consuming and tiresome. The Dizzy Doll works the same way the Sleep Flute does, except that it inflicts the Dizzy status onto your enemies.

Now, be on your way, head back to Stronghold Temple in the Southern Isle, near Veldtand head north to the locked door. Follow Gamezebo on Twitter.

Aveyond Walkthrough & Cheats

In the morning, talk to Mistress Rona. In your dreams that night, you will hear the priestess voice, saying that she will be able to find you as long as you wear the priestess ring. Once again, she asks you to find Lars. From where Rhen is, head left, go up the ladder and enter the house with a fenced yard, beside the bridge. He can now see to find the Key to the gate behind his house, and will allow you to enter the Blackbone Caves. She marries Dameon who of course becomes King of Thaisand the two live happily ever after.

Since the walkthrough is quite big, you can use the “Find” command to instantly jump to any word or phrase in the guide. A wind will blow and move the boat to the near shore. You will find a room with four coffins, three enemies, and a door.

Aveyond 1 – Walkthrough

Talk to the Priestesses inside and outside the Temple you can buy a few items there and then head north as they told you to do. Eventually you will find Dorvan, who is a bit of an unpleasant chap. From the southern dock of hren Southern Isle go north-east to a large lake with a signpost below it, and then go south from there.

Lars is in the village tormenting a young boy.

In the wilderness, avoid the snakes at all cost. Posted December 1, Fixed quesy of the silly Grammar mistakes. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time. You get to choose between a bag of silver coins and sun block.