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Collection “Sans Peine” permet d’apprendre mots de vocabulaire, la grammaire de base et la conversation Langue maternelle: Allemand; Japonais . Collection Sans Peine. Débutants et Faux-débutants. Le corse. Vous trouverez Collection Sans Peine. Débutants et Faux-débutants. Le corse. Vous trouverez. Les dialogues du premier livre, sans roumaji. En cours methodes/le-japonais.

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Looks like the Great Firewall or something like it is preventing you from completely loading www. Try instead our mirror:. This might also be caused by an internet filter, such as SafeEyes.

Xans you have such a filter installed, try adding appspot. I know sometimes the general learning questions are being critisized on Scritter, but most japanese learning forums and such sources appear to be inactive.

So thanks in advance to anyone sharing their experience. I am a beginner looking for resources. I do not want to join a class, I want to use my experience from assiiml foreign language learning to learn on my own even though Japanese is much harder than my previous languages and get a private tutor once I japoonais to get speaking with someone else.

Right now, I have a course based in my native language Czechwhich appears to be of really good quality.

But it is going to drop me somewhere in the middle of beginner level with no follow up. I am looking for resources to get me far enough to start using easier native media. I need lots of audio, I need grammar explanations, I need exercises, I need lots of examples and context for vocabulary. I’ve been searching the internet for info and found some resources worth consideration, could you give me your opinion? Could you give me ideas on things I haven’t found?

Assimil Japonais sans peine: I like Assimils in general. But is it good at teaching such a hard language?

Is it comfortable for a self teaching user? It looks a bit dry, is it? Is there a follow up to Genki 2 for intermediates? Yookoso, Minnnihongo and Nakama are too expensive but i’d consider them if either was the best thing. Japanese for Busy People seems to be popular. From the reviews, I am not sure whether it is a good and up to date resource, am I wrong?

I really like the design of the new edition, it appears to be nicely done. But how far does the series lead as it is meant for high school students? Tae Kim’s grammar is quite an easy choice as it is free and looks good. Is it worth the horrible price tag? Japanese in Mangaland looks as a really nice complement to any other course, do you have experience with it? Do I need any kanji book alongside scritter?

A very quick answer as I don’t have much time, but I know most of the resources as I’ve been trying to learn japanese for years and I think I gave a try to everything. Lots of mistakes, doesn’t give you real bases, the worst assimil for most of the people. I like it better than Minna no Nihongo, Minna is better with a teacher I think.

I prefer “Erin’s challenge”, with videos and interactive questions. This site is free.

Le Japonais du manga

Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar is, for me, a gold mine. I just love it. But it maybe too detailed when you just start. With the 2 of them, you learn seriously and with fun.

Assimil : Le Japonais sans peine (1) – Memrise

Good luck with your learning. And by the way, you should also try this website: It’s really great, and has tons of very useful resources, part of them for free. Thanks a lot for all the advice! I think I’ll go for Genki. Is there any good reason to buy the new edition or does the old one suffice?

I’ll try the Erin’s challenge and save up for the grammar dictionary as I think I have quite a lot of time for it, I am taking the beginning slowly.

Kanji dictionary should be something online, I do not prefer paper dictionaries for daily use. I wonder more along the lines whether to get something like Heisig or any of those numerous “basic kanji” courses.

Japan Activator looks good, thanks a lot for the idea! Thawrea I think you’ll find that if you ask questions like yours, where it’s clear that you’ve done a lot of research yourself and really tried to answer your questions before asking, people will be very happy to help you. Here are some of my thoughts on your resources just the ones that I’ve used: I think it is excellent.

Nouvelles méthodes d’apprentissage Assimil

I’ve been through it all the way to the upper intermediate level and it covers a lot of the things you want audio, grammar, vocab, context. There are old style lessons and new style lessons and you need to decide what you want to study. They now have a brilliant iOS app which has really refreshed the system.

I also thought this was very good. There are good grammar explanations, plenty of vocab, audio CDs etc. The three books in the series green, yellow, redwill get you to the end of the beginner level JLPT N4.

The book is set in a Japanese context, which I think is good the characters all work in Japan and go out to sushi bars etc. The main issue is that at the end of the series, there is no intermediate follow up.

I think this is best used with a teacher I think there is a lack of explanations in English and some of the questions don’t have answers: I might be wrong here though. I haven’t used it. A lot of people like it. I think this is a similar format. I think Genki has the same format. The big issue I had with it is that it is set in an American context it’s all about westerners going to Japan as university students and comparing their experiences in the west to those in Japan.

That always grated with me. Paper was good for the ancient Egyptians, but time has moved on. I use the Midori electronic dictionary on my iPhone.

You can easily enter words in hiragana and kanji by writing with your fingers. It’s worth its weight in gold. It might be very expensive, but paradoxically, it’s also excellent value. But bear in mind that learning Japanese is about more than learning kanji. Good luck in studying Japanese. It’s really interesting and Japan is a wonderful country.

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