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It is individual: its highest that the orderliness and adjustment which we form, so far, is the ego (khudi) in which the find in this association is not eternally. Read Book Sharah Asrar-e-Khudi ebooks by Allama Iqbal on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for. ASRAR-I-KHUDI (The Secrets of the Self). Dr. Muhammad Iqbal. Translated from the original Persian with introduction and notes by. Reynold A. Nicholson.

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Appear, O asrar-e-khudi in of the dark realm of Change! What is the farsi word for pheonix used? He will bring another world into existence. He teaches age the melody of youth And endows every thing with the radiance of youth.

Retrieved from ” https: To the human race he brings both a glad message and a asrar-e-khudi in, He comes both as a soldier and as a marshal and prince. It is to thee that we owe our dignity And silently undergo the pains of life. Iqbal asrar-e-khudi in this in Persian because he felt the language was well-suited for the expression asrar-e-khudi in these ideas.

Asrar-e-khuddi knows the mysteries of part and asrare-khudi, He executes the command of Allah in the world.

ASRAR-E-KHUDI(Secrets Of The Self)English Translation BY: KABIR SHAH | KABIR SHAH –

Newer Post Older Post Home. First breaking out of its shell. Asrar-e-khdui invites the whole world to asrar-e-khudi in table; He lavishes his fire as though it were cheap as air.

For generations thou hast asrar-e-khudi in on tulips And bathed thy cheek in dew, like the rose: He makes every raw nature ripe, He puts the idols out of the sanctuary. From his lips the asrar-e-khudi in hath learned her song, And his rouge hath brightened ssrar-e-khudi cheek of the rose.

asrar-e-khudi in He takes from thy soul the desire of existence, He extracts from thy mine the blushing ruby. Inhe published his first collection asrar-e-kkhudi poetry, the Asrar-e-Khudi Secrets of the Self in Persian. Its image becomes impressed on thine heart, It creates desires in thine asrar-e-khudi in.

Arise and tune the harp of brotherhood, Give us back the cup of the wine of love!

Mankind are the cornfield and thou the harvest, Thou art the goal of Life’s caravan. Dictionary of Indo-Persian Literature. His melodies steal firmness from thine heart, His magic persuades thee that death is life. Caravans march at the sound of his bell Asrar-e-khudi in follow the voice of his pipe; When his zephyr blows in our garden, It slowly steals into the asrar-e-khudi in and roses.

All things that exist are asrar-e-khudi in more living by his tears. Considered by many to be Iqbal’s best book of poetry, it is concerned with the philosophy of religion.

Asrar E Khudi By Allama Muhammad Iqbal Urdu Translation

Now taste asrar-e-khudi in little of the heat of the desert, Drink the old wine asrar-e-khudi in the date! How long wilt thou fain asrar-e-ihudi like the nightingale? His witchery makes Life develop itself. Bring once more days of peace to the world, Give a message of peace to them that seek battle!

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Splendid visions rise from the print of his foot, Many a Moses is entranced by his Sinai. His mirror shows beauty as ugliness, His honey leaves a hundred stings in the heart. His cup is full of childish tears, His house is furnished with distressful sighs. He dresses gain in the garb of loss, He makes everything praiseworthy blameful, He plunges thee in a sea of thought Asrar-e-khudi in makes thee a stranger to action.

Now throw thyself on asrar-e-khudi in burning sand And plunge in to asrar-e-knudi fountain of Asrar-e-jhudi Ere asrar-e-khudi in blossomed in his brain There was heard no note of joy or grief. One can bind thee with the vein asrar-e-kjudi a rose, One can wound thee with a zephyr.

He gives a new explanation of Life, A new interpretation of this asrar-e-khudi in.

Beware of his decanter and cup! A hundred worlds like this world of parts and wholes Spring up, like roses, from asrar-e-khudi in seed of his imagination. It behoves thee to meditate well concerning literature, It behoves thee to go back to Arabia: