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For those who came in late: “Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston” was published in , written by Arturo Bonafont. Author Arturo Bonafont was clearly an experienced instructor and, like Vigny and Cunningham before him, his idiosyncratic method represented a departure. Edición ilustrada con 72 fotografías. by BONAFONT, Arturo and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Bonafont, taken bonafony by the old masters comments decided that the average law-abiding citizen should be able to defend themselves and their family, and so, after careful thought choose to write the prologue himself. Rare as hen’s teeth, as my aunt used to say.

Currently this system is being disseminated by Maestro Eduardo Festorazzi and Maestro Jorge Prina, of the Argentinian Fencing Association, with extensive research and training, confirming that the legacy of Arturo Bonafont is still alive.

So again the defender could strike with some power while facing a more realistic modern attack. We then worked on how to do the same basic technique but using the bonfaont cane to hook bomafont knee or ankle of the attacker.

Although comfortable over open or semi-clenched hands, the gloves are initially stiff enough that forming a tight fist is difficult. Bonafont System for the Cane. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The only other place I’d seen a reverse grip was in one of the Sylvester Stallone movies, and it looked bonaont, so I dismissed the Bonafont system.

This manual is a treasure as it is entirely devoted to the use of the walking cane for street survival and has no sportive application to it. After four months of regular weekly training sessions, the stitching and padding are holding up well. We must observe instantly the position, attitude, gesture or aggressive movement of the adversary, to apply our attack, arresting or counterattacking his own in the act of its very initiation.

Balintawak vs Doce Pares. A new interview with Bartitsu founder E. We record the sad passings of classical savate master Roger Lafond and American martial arts pioneer and author Robert W. We then worked on a neo-Bartitsu version using the same arm lock for a knife defense. A Game of Shadows promises a great deal of exciting baritsu action. After seeing how powerful the blow to the hand could be we switched to a neo-Bartisu move with the attacker wearing a hockey glove while armed with a knife.

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We help vote for female jujitsu pioneer Edith Garrud to be commemorated with a street plaque. Since many other critics have already offered thorough reviews of the film as a wholeand since this is Bartitsu.

Baston Defensa Cane Street fighting by Arturo Bonafont

The failure drill for this technique was that the attacker steps back with his left foot so you can not get the trip on the first attempt. Big Stick Combat Package.

The first is a dummy or plastron which is shaped liked a man and the second a flat version that is attached to a wall.

The Broughton pugilism gloves are appropriately named for prize fighter Jack Broughton, the English champion pugilist circa This brought us to lunch time.

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In addition to cane fighting, fencing and boxing, the French Savate also entered, but the latter discipline was unsuccessful and ceased to be practiced among high society artugo.

John Styers Cold Steel. Log in Forgotten Your Password? Russian versus 3 in elevator.

May they rest in peace. Check out the Bullshido.

Nuevos Modos De Defenderse En La Calle Con Un Baston | Australian Savate Homepage

Perhaps unavoidably, given that the book was published posthumously, some sections are obviously better aarturo than others. This is a thoughtful touch for practitioners of historic martial arts, who may otherwise have to make do with less aesthetically appropriate equipment. On the chance the TheVigilante isn’t subscribed to this thread and may not notice that it’s been revived, you should be able to email him via this page – http: Better to get ahold of me on Facebook! Game of Shadows offers no less than five significant hand-to-hand fight sequences, three being especially elaborate.