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Before using the products described in this manual be sure to read and understand all respective instruction. The ARRI ALEXA is only available to commercial. View and Download ARRI ALEXA user manual online. 35 format film-style digital camera. ALEXA Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download ARRI ALEXA user manual online. ALEXA Film Camera pdf manual download.

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Scope About This Manual Scope This instruction manual applies to the following hardware, software and firmware versions: These look files must be stored on the SD card in a folder named LookFiles.

Fan speed Speed of camera cooling fan in rotations arri alexa user manual minute. Frame lines are a reference for framing that typically consist of an image frame, a center mark and an aspect ratio reference.

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EVF serial The serial number of the viewfinder that is attached number Page 44 Card is unreadable e. Installation of The Camera Figure The viewfinder is attached to the mounting bracket mahual arri alexa user manual the dove tail into the receptacle of the mounting bracket and then closing the lever on the viewfinder. Repairs must only be The master camera will initially distribute its settings to the slave camera. To use the optical viewfinder, arri alexa user manual mirror shutter must be set to On.

Then arti the bridge plate to the adaptor with its two screws. Compare mode Interleave creates an interlaced image from the live image and the loaded image.

ARRI Group: Downloads

If error continues to occur, contact ARRI service. The viewfinder is attached to the mounting bracket by sliding the dove tail into the receptacle of the arri alexa user manual bracket and then closing the lever on the viewfinder.

Page EVF image 2. Page Reboot camera. Sensor Current temperature of image sensor. ARRI does not warrant that this document is error-free. SxS yser Top to bottom: Audio Out Connectors 9. Page 64 Look Up Tables. For frame rates higher than 30 fps, it is recommended to use a power source with a voltage arri alexa user manual of V to ensure the mirror userr is powered sufficiently!

Repairs must only be See Settings sync on page for more info. Page The different sections in the arri alexa user manual are: Activate it through User rectangles. S1 Disclaimer In no event shall ARRI or its subsidiaries be liable for or have a remedy for recovery of any special, direct, indirect, incidental, or For example, the internal recording could be used for on-set review and proxy editing, while the external device captures the master data.


They consist of a number of function buttons and a jogwheel. SxS recording Switches SxS recording on or off.

The card slots are located on the camera’s left side. Function Buttons SD qlexa. Yellow radio can be identified by amnual yellow ring at the antenna mount pont. Page 81 Main Controls Output range Defines which bit range of the full 10 bit 0- is used to transmit image data. Color Camera Controls Once this is done, settings can also arri alexa user manual changed on the slave camera, and the change will take effect on both cameras. Audio Out Connectors 9.

ARRI ALEXA User Manual

Power Supply Manipulation of power supplies can result in severe damage to the equipment and humans, including death. Camera Controls Compare uesr Interleave creates an interlaced image from arri alexa user manual live image and the loaded image.

Noise is increased, which makes it important to judge the dark parts of the image, while the clipping behavior will be even smoother.

The user can enter the names of the director, cinematographer, location and production. To remove the field lens, which is located above the ground glass: When the Arri alexa user manual is displayed, the brightness of the display can quickly be adjusted by turning the jogwheel while pressing the BACK button.