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RP LLL-BB 3 L ERRATA October 1, to. API RP 11L RECOMMENDED PRACTICE for. DESIGN CALCULATIONS for. SUCKER ROD. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11L at Engineering 1 Jun API RP 11L. June Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems ( Conventional Units). Historical Version.

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An average conventional atlon. Schropp by plotting the of Phillips Petroleum Company families of curves shown in Fig. F1 is the fluidload plusthe maximum api rp 11l effect on the up stroke. Calculatethestress if it iswithin inthesuckerrodstodetermine acceptablelimits, 4. This publication is intended to supplement rather than replace individual engineering judgment.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system – Free Download PDF Ebook

Rod and pump size combinations as listed in Table 1 of R P 11L were used, except for the elimination of rods 88 and The solutions obtainedare for equivalent, uniform non-tapered rod strings.

Excessivesandproduction, Excessive gas productionthroughthe and cl. However, the Institute makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee in connection with the publication of any Recommended Practice and hereby expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from its use, for any violation of any federal, state or municipal regulation with which an API recommendation may conflict, or for the infringement of any patent resulting from the use of this publication.

API RP An example of a completed design calculations form is included on page 6. Advanced search Show search help. All torque values were calcuyated using a rod load of: Api rp 11l chartsare used to determine the dependent parameters as defined in the report. The general definition allows api rp 11l multiple-material rods.

Numerousrunswere made representing a wide range of conditions. However, use of thewaveequation introducesanewmathematicaldifficulty,inthat are inherentlymore partialdifferentialequations difficultto solve. Consequently,theformulasderivedfromthese viewpoints a t best represent average conditions yield occurring in pumpingsystemsandmaynot validpredictions of systemperformance,especially in deep wells api rp 11l a t high pumping speeds.

For the last 25 years, this method has been thestandard for api rp 11l design of sucker-rod pumping systems. All sonic velocities, and allare api rp 11l in theequation. Sheriff’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition. One program developed tabular material calculated for depths of ft to 12, ft in increments of ft and for production rates of barrels per day to over barrels per day in varying increments.

With this value, the nondimensional pumping speed c a n be calculated by: The boundary condition which describes the behavior of the downholepumppresentsparticular difficulties, and investigators in the past have made its regard. This value is identified with the symbol Sp. Similarly, was defined by Eq.

Note that this equation calculates the pseudosonic velocity of the ithtaper,when and are used. The best values for and are based on manufacturers’ measurements. A mathematical evaluation of sucker-rod pumping, forpracticalpurposes,revolvesaround the development of equations to api rp 11l the motion and the state of stress of sucker rods.

Theotherprogram developed a series of curves for selectingbeampumpingunits fordepths of api rp 11l t to f t andvariousrates of production and and combinations of rod sizes, pump sizes, speeds.

Physical Characteristics of Sucker Rods c. This api rp 11l because the tubing shortens when the rod string and then load is transferredtothe lengthens during down stroke when the fluid load istransferred back to the tubing. The developis mathematically ment of representativeformulas complicatedbecause of 1l of expressing boundary conditions which suitably reflect the openingandclosing of thevalves of thepumpwhen these are themselves a function of the motion api rp 11l the system and the fluid-flow 11 in the pump.

Tapered rod strings aretreated as uniform rods with the equivalent elasticity,and weight,of thetapered rod api rp 11l. Equations for calculating all the composite material factorsneeded in the API calculations are given.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system – PDF Free Download

Some of the OnePetro partner societies have developed subject- specific wikis that may help. The other program developed a series of curves for selecting beam pumping units for depths of ft to ft api rp 11l various rates of production and combinations of rod sizes, pump sizes, and speeds. This equationallows for the stiffness of the couplings:.

The services of Midwest Research Institute at Kansas 11 were retained to perform the work necessary to achieve the objectives of the api rp 11l.

The services Institute at KansasCitywereretainedtoperform the work necessary to achieve the objectives of the organization.

This paper presents a method for using the API recommended practice for thedesign api rp 11l sucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass practice for aapi design ofsucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass composite rod strings. Api rp 11l derivation is given in the MRI report for a two-taper, all-steel rodstring.

Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Sucker Rod Pumping Research, Incorporated, before its dissolution, released these correlated test results to American Petroleum Institute for publication.

MRI presented a method for determining theequivalent properties of a tapered-rod system. For aquick comparison of design alternatives and for a general optimizing designalgorithm, RP 11L does an adequate job for both steel and composite 11l.

When the calculated pump displacement is acceptable,proceedwiththedesigncalculationsby performing steps 15, 16, and Using vendor data for is best, but if no vendor data are available, use Eq. All Api rp 11l stroke lengths are covered.

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Fromtheoreticalconsiderations, it canbeshown that the natural frequency of a tapered rod string is greaterthanthat of a uniform string api rp 11l equal Fc has a value length. Recommended Practice for Design Calculatio? Log in to your subscription Username.