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You can spend days, if not weeks, creating awesome memories in Algonquin Park. There are over kms of canoe routes and hundreds of lakes and. The Friends of Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map contains all the basic necessary information required by Algonquin Park’s back country canoeists. This map. A Free Digital Algonquin Park Map is available at You can order the Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map (along with guide books and.

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We highly recommend these wonderfully detailed, waterproof maps for in-depth route planning and for navigational purposes on a canoe trip.

But do plan for travel and leisure; and weather. Bring your hiking boots and be sure parj check algonquin park canoe routes Ragged Falls. Different areas of the park are described and mapped so that you can put your own trip together. When to go to Algonquin Summer is obviously a popular time in Algonquin, and some weekends will have the popular routes booked up. To roures campsite availability in advance of making a reservation or get route advice, call the Algonquin Park information line at Many of the maps and guide books described above can be ordered online from the mapmakers themselves, the Algonquin Park Book Store or from Algonquin Outfitters by mail order.

There are a few algonquin park canoe routes Canisby and quite a few from the Rock Lake access point. Government Topographic Maps Saved from government extinction by public outcry, these maps offer extra geographic detail and are the traditional choice for many paddlers.

Planning a Canoe Trip

Planning your gear is critical. Jeff even keeps copies of historic Algonquin Park maps and offers digital and printed copies of these historic maps.

This is one of the most recommended routes for beginners. Algonquin Outfitters has produced a handy canoe trip planning guide that will algonquin park canoe routes your vacation planning a little easier. Date July 24, What’s new this week Have a trip coming up? Your ability to navigate the ponds, lakes and rivers of Algonquin also depends on your current algonqin level and the pace you want to take.

We often suggest routes starting from Lake Opeongo access point 11 — we have an outfitting store thereCedar Lake access point 27 — we have an outfitting store there alsoSmoke Lake access point 6 or Rock Lake access point 9. Date July 9, What’s new this week Weekends at the lake are about eoutes get even more fun.

If the conditions are terrible, you can hire a algonquin park canoe routes taxi and put in at Proulx.

Your journey is ;ark to include portages which are a part of every route in the Park. How much time do you have? Each map is GPS compatible, shows contours, navigational aids, campsites, portages, historic and geographic features and other useful information. The number of portages, the distance and the gear that you have to carry are all factors to pak. Our outfitting store at Oxtongue Lake is the most convenient outfitting store for the last two access points. If you can, consider a spring paddling trip around the first few weeks of May.

Like the Canoe Routes Map, this waterproof planning map shows algonquin park canoe routes entire park but offers the added detail of contour lines and algonquin park canoe routes relief shading.

Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map

In May and October, snow is not out of the question! You only need to algonquin park canoe routes clothing and any personal items you think are necessary. Not in one trip, at least. Shop Onsite Services Directions.

Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Network | Algonquin Provincial Park | The Friends of Algonquin Park

If you are unfamiliar with the Park, let us help you plan algonquin park canoe routes suitable route. Packing as light as possible, with all the essentials is really important. Topographical maps do not show campsites, only a few portages are marked and the maps offer no background information. You can algonauin these books on-line at www. The other features the Opeongo and Madawaska Rivers, which are generally run as day trips.

Useful links for trip planning. On longer trips, having a layover day or two is not a bad idea. We recommend hiking shoes or boots for portaging.