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Aldon is a business unit of Rocket Software. It develops, manufactures, licenses and supports software change management products for the In , Aldon released Aldon/CMS, a software change management (SCM) system for traditional. Leading Edge Software Services is a co-marketer of the Aldon CMS Change Mangement System for the IBM iSeries servers. Aldon CMS forms a part of the. 19 Sep Aldon Lifecycle Manager is the leading Software Configuration Management ( SCM) system designed to facilitate and manage iSeries software.

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The Rocket Aldon change management alvon give you access to current information about each component, as well as the ability to define access rules.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can even more easily create new smartphone or tablet interfaces to your IBM I applications and data. Volume 17, Aldon change management system When the auditors arrive, you can easily and rapidly generate the reports they need to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Aldon Aldon change management system Manager makes everything visible and keeps it all in sync.

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition)

August Learn how and when to aldon change management system this template message. No matter which platform you’re managgement on, or how many releases you’re managing, our automated process ensures error-free, high-quality software.

Support your IDEs, tools, and applications. Complex multi-platform environments and multiple releases can be defined and workflow paradigms can be enforced.

Rocket U2 Model Aldon Inc. It develops, manufactures, licenses and supports software change management products for the enterprise application lifecycle management ALM and software change management SCM markets.

Change Management Software | Rocket Software

You can rapidly generate reports regarding task status, activity history, release setup, change request backlog items, permissions by release or by user, and lifecycle progress using selection criteria, so you can focus on the most pertinent information. Celebrating 20 Years Together! Aldon was founded in by Albert Magid and Don Parr to provide tools for aldon change management system software developers.

Release management is repeatable, documentable, and traceable.

Aldon Inc. – Wikipedia

Aldon CMS forms a part of the larger Rocket Aldon ALM suite for Application Lifecycle Management, which is regarded as one of the top solutions in the IT industry for ensuring best practices governance requirements for automated process alcon.

Your employees may be just down the hall, or they may be in Helsinki. To stay competitive, every business must be nimble and able to respond rapidly to new market requirements. Defined, automated, traceable processes help streamline and aldon change management system your IT procedures and workflow. You’re able to view each and every IT asset applications, objects, projectstheir interdependencies, and what happens if you change them.

Everything is easier—from change management to aldon change management system management and deployment.

They free your developers from the laborious task of dealing with complex directory and library structures in order to find things. It aaldon supported parallel development by identifying and merging the work of two or more programmers who had modified the same program simultaneously.

Rocket Aldon Overview Resources More We use cookies to understand systm you use our site and aldon change management system improve your experience. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies.

You define the workflows necessary for your organization. This central and combined inventory is key to meeting the diverse day-to-day needs of your staff, while aldon change management system the same time meeting the regulatory compliance requirements of your auditors. Comprehensive view of all assets.

Articles lacking reliable systen from August All articles lacking reliable references. Hardware, Software, and Services. Designed to enable programmers to identify differences in program codeit used advanced algorithms to provide comparisons that were more accurate than other tools could produce. Search form Search the Rocket site. This includes personalizing content and for marketing purposes.

Aldon made its home in downtown Oakland, Californiafor its initial aldln years of business, with the first office located in the Financial Aldonn Building on 14th and Franklin Streets.

Aldon Inc.

Companies were under enormous pressure to comply with these various and complex mandates. At the Aldon Rocket Software website you can view a posted customer list that includes some of their important clients, who operate in everything from manufacturing to commerce to high tech industry, which shows the utility and adaptability of the Aldon change management system CMS solution.

As presented to IDC. Search form Search the Aldon change management system site. Aldon relocated to its present headquarters in Emeryville on February 18, To do managememt, they need comprehensive change management tools; effective change management is one of the most important factors in overall project success. Rocket Aldon change management software determines where each piece of your application puzzle belongs and ensures every piece is deployed and installed correctly.

Near-instant discovery of components regardless of language, location, or platform. Thank you for requesting managemen resource: It provides insight into modernizations and automatically enforces compliance. This includes personalizing content and for aldon change management system purposes.