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Things have not gone well for Colin and Susan since they set about seeing off encroaching forces of evil, first in Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone. Boneland has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Over 50 years ago Alan Garner wrote The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and its sequel, The Moon of Gomra . Boneland by Alan Garner. Boneland book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / Okay, this is it, the book that I have been waiting thirty.

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The twist at the end is well handled, the finale both moving and satisfying.

But why should I care what happens to a fictional character when another fictional character is looking for her? There is undoubtedly much to be explored. The landscape of the mind is often far more interesting than the real landscape, which is why fantasy remains fascinating even for adults. I hope it works for you. I found it confusing, with none of the euphoria i enjoyed whilst reading Wierdstone and The Moon of Gomrath.

Boneland by Alan Garner: review – Telegraph

Interleaved with Colin’s tale is another story set in the same part of England but at a distant time. He is also worried about his missing sister, whom he can hardly remember, and thinks he might be going mad, so he visits a psychotherapist, Meg, She tries to probe his memories, but there are some places in his past where he both wants to go and fears to go.

I expect that many of the readers of the books have also wandered around the deeply wooded, peaceful and enigmatic place The garnfr on both psychosis and shamanism are also well realised, if bonland difficult to follow in places; this is definitely not a story for inexperienced readers.

Garner continued creating mythic fantasy garnner of the matter of Britain, building, reimagining and recreating tales from the Mabinogion and from a hundred other sources, and then he began writing novels intended for adults, stories hewn and chipped from the past.

Babylon Steel Gaie Sebold 8. The Owl Service Yes, I am confused and I really would like to know what happened to Susan!

Surely we must be on the threshhold garnrr the universal destruction to which the legend referred? But as imaginative literature reclaims the territories forbidden it by realism, and moves back from Elfland towards the outskirts of Manchester, it treads on risky ground. How many readers have seen, or imagined theyve seen, snatches of silver white movement amongst the upper branches of the trees, that garnrr, or may not be elven cloaks of eagle feathers? Elidor and The Owl Service, until with Red Shift he broke with linear narrative completely and jumbled time and place and memory and history and myth and wove them into an extraordinary, disorienting form.

From the first page I felt let down. Alan Garner’s endings are always extraordinary, sometimes breaking free of grammar and syntax in garneer poetic force.

Alderley Edge is the scene of a timeless ritual that must be re-enacted over and over by ignorant and ephemeral mortals. He did have a twin sister, but at Colin’s insistence Meg does not mention her name.

Not a bad book, by any means. Alan Garner was required reading in our school alna we all knew the little cottage, shaped like a tea caddy, where he grew up.

Boneland by Alan Garner – review

In the first two books, Susan was connected to magic far more than Colin, through the gift of the Mark of Fohla from Angharad, and at the end of Gomrath is left behind by The Daughters of the Moon.

To ask other readers questions about Bonelandplease sign up. There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

Perhaps because most people do forget – perhaps wilfully – the real nature of childhood. When you’ve truly entered into the world of a book, you just have to leave it be, I think. When I went to live in South Manchester, some years ago, my first weekend trip was to Alderley Edge, to see it for myself.

Boneland – Wikipedia

We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for gaarner. They were imaginative, original, fast-paced and utterly gripping and followed the adventures of Colin and Susan, siblings billeted with an elderly bucolic couple in the northwest UK town of Alderley, after a small precious stone around Susan’s neck, given to her mother by their current hostess and then passed on to Susan, becomes the target of assorted warring ancient wizards, witches, dwarves, elves and goblins who live hidden in the cave-system beneath the mediaeval copper mines of the region.

In those books twelve-year-old Colin and Susan go to stay on a farm near Alderley Edge in Cheshire, England, and discover that the Edge is haunted by all kinds of strange creatures, malicious goblins, suspicious fairies and elves and the like, and there is a gaener woman, a witch, who seems to have gqrner designs on them, and bonelznd a stone that Susan had inherited.

In my view, because of the feeling of stupefied wonder it produced so few books do that to me so stronglythe quiet excitement that it stirred- a little like stargazing, which if you read the book you’ll see is not entirely irrelevant- it is fully deserving of five stars. But Colin will have to remember quickly, to find his sister. Garned the whole wintry book is deliberately obtuse, and its relationship with the world of its predecessors is ugly and post mortem.

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Time and space, Garner suggests, are bendier than we can know. It feels like a capstone to a career that has taken him, as a writer, to remarkable places, and returned him to the same place he started, to the landscape of Alderley Edge and to the sleepers under the hill.

Thank you for such an interesting post. Write a reader review Thank you for grner the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. I often think that too gatner attention is given to individual books and not enough to whole careers.

The book is also a very beautiful object, so if it’s text you want, and only text, Kindle would be better. Where all the teases and all the risks pay off, for me, is in the shadow-story of the man who “looked after the Edge” so long ago, the solitary artist-shaman of the ice age.

Thank you for your kind comments. Sep 29, Raymond Just rated it did not like it.

The book centres around a now grown up Colin who remembers the barest fragments of the events of the first two books and looks for his vaguely remembered sister Susan in the stars. I got the distinct impression that this book is aimed at those readers, who experienced his early work decades ago and have been lamenting the fact that he never finished the trilogy ever since.

But I think they have to stay there. I have not been able to risk reading Boneland, though I know I should, because Garner’s earlier books were so important to me in childhood.