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(1) Likums nosaka lietotāju, elektronisko sakaru komersantu, privāto . ierobežojumus un izmantošanas kārtību nosaka Aizsargjoslu likums. Aizsargjoslu likums [online ] ?id= 3. Autoceļu aizsargjoslu noteikšanas metodika [online ]. 14) without exceeding the existing scale of construction (Aizsargjoslu likums, within the territorial local government spatial plan (Aizsargjoslu likums,

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Safety protection zones shall be determined around the lines, warehouses and storage sites of petroleum, petroleum products and chemical substances and products in water aquatoriums above and below dams.

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EUR-Lex – LLVA_ – EN – EUR-Lex

In addition to the restrictions referred to in Section 35 of this Law, in protection zones along motorways and railroads the following restrictions shall be specified:. You can find out more! The main task thereof shall be to decrease or eliminate the effects of the anthropogenic negative impact on the objects for which the protection zones have been determined.

Separate trees or groups of trees, aizsargojslu are growing along the sides of the firebreak, shall be cut if the height thereof is more than the average height of the plantations. If necessary, protection zones shall be marked on site using special signs specified in the methodology for the specification of protection zones. In our portal we are using cookies. There shall be the following types of safety protection zones:.

The translation of this document is outdated. Protection Zones around Objects of Veterinary Supervision. Restrictions in Protection Zones around Water-supply Points.

If necessary, the local government may specify a limitation of the property for the benefit of the possibility for the public to access beaches in conformity with requirements set out in the spatial plan and detailed planning of the territorial local government, also without the consent of the owner of the immovable property.

Only the latter is authentic. The following restrictions shall be specified in addition to the restrictions referred to in Section 35 of this Law in protection zones around land amelioration structures and installations:.

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The procedures of the transformation of the forest lands in the coastal dune protection zone, as well xizsargjoslu the procedures for the submission and examination of the transformation application and the permissible amount of forest felling shall li,ums regulated by the Cabinet regulations. The English language text below is provided by the Translation and Terminology Centre for information only; it confers no rights and imposes no obligations separate from those conferred or imposed by the legislation formally adopted and published.

Restrictions in Protection Zones along Motorways and Railroads.

Information about service restored: The territorial local government shall perform or organise the demolition of the fence, if the owner or legal possessor, has not demolished the akzsargjoslu within a month after the taking of a decision by the local government.

Translated using machine translation service Hugo.

Laidienu arhīvs

The main task of safety protection zones shall be to ensure the safety of the lines, warehouses and storage sites of petroleum, petroleum products and chemical substances and products, dams and objects located near them during the exploitation thereof and in the case of possible accidents, as well as safety of the environment and human beings. Private person Legal person Delegated person. In cases of the overlapping of several kinds of protection zones at one place, the stricter requirements and larger minimum width shall be in effect.

The Saeima 1 has adopted and the President has proclaimed the following Law:. Please select the desired area: Technical rules are necessary in order to meet the environmental requirements for the intended activity on its venue.

The following restrictions shall be specified in addition to the restrictions referred to in Section 35 of this Law in protection zones around waste disposal sites, waste dumps and water treatment equipment:. Determination and payment thereof shall be carried out in accordance with liku,s procedures set out in laws or on the basis of mutual agreement.

In aizsatgjoslu, gender-specific Latvian nouns have been translated as gender-neutral terms, e. If the overhead telecommunication likusm crosses parks, gardens or national parks, a smaller width of firebreak may be allowed to be determined by mutual agreement with the relevant undertakings, organisations or institutions.

Follow and ask us Twitter Facebook portals vraa. Any person Environmental protection requirements laid down in the technical regulations shall be bound by a person who performs the operation.

Elektronisko sakaru likums – Latvijas Vēstnesis

Approval of land survey plan Ogre county local government. By the 1 Julythe Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government Matters after co-ordination with the Ministry of Environment, based on the proposal to the spatial plan of the territorial local government submitted by the local government, shall approve the borders of villages for those villages, the borders of which aizsargjslu been determined in the spatial plan of the territorial local government up to the coming into force of Section 67 of this Law.

More information in the main language. The territorial local government shall determine the specially marked places where driving with aizsartjoslu is allowed.

Cancel or change this option is only possible in this window. It is prohibited in the bacteriological protection zone:. Work ending Your session will expire in X minutes and X seconds! Individuals Entrepreneurs E-services About portal Help. Please choose your preferred service: If the protection zone is narrower than 50 metres, clear-cut shall be prohibited in the entire width of the protection zone.

Go to home page State aizzargjoslu portal. There are such authentication tools: Restrictions in the Forest Protection Zones around Cities. Using the portal, you agree to the use of cookies.