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Browse by category to discover businesses in Research, Victoria. Aetheric Arts has gone into production of the Hills Pi-Ray Coffer , based on the Kelly Research Technologies, Inc. proudly presents The Great If Victorian retro-geek is your cup of earl grey tea, come around and see the. The History of Aetheric Field Research, Part 3: The Science of Magic, Victoria’s Heart, and The World Within Far from being the jealously.

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Regular readers of Aetheric Arts blog know that my concept of Radionics is that it has little to do with electronics per se.

Posted on March 31, by josephmax. At that time, it separates from the physical body and the physical reverts to natural disintegration.

It is believed by Theosophists that devas can be observed when the third eye is activated. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Come find out how these experts use radionics and subtle energy analysis to positively impact their lives, farms, businesses, and healing modalities! Once again, physicists confirm a concept that we radionicists have been saying for a long time. Submit a new link. Then the initiate learns how to separate the two superior ethers from the others in order for them to serve as a vehicle to travel out of the physical body.

If you are located in the central Indiana area please email me if you are interested in participating in the research. Log in or sign up in seconds. Aetheric Arts Manifesting the Aether. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Posted on April 1, by josephmax. Body of light Thelemic mysticism. By continuing reserch use this website, you agree to their use. Posted in Uncategorized 1 Comment. We have high standards for on-topicness, respect of other people and respect for creative effort. Yes, we are still alive!

Etheric body

It is asserted by Theosophists that all of the above-mentioned beings possess etheric bodies but no physical bodies that are composed of etheric mattera type of matter finer vidtorian more pure that is composed of smaller particles than ordinary physical plane matter.

Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. In researcb use it is often confounded with the related concept of the astral body as for example in the term astral projection – the early Theosophists had called it the “astral double”. Participants will choose from a concurrent slate of programs — both lectures and hands-on workshops — featuring information appropriate for beginners and advanced radionics researchers. Every post needs context! Greetings, Friends of Aetheric Arts!

Modular Radionics Posted on July 22, by josephmax. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Stand by for a special announcement regarding a limited run of handmade radionic instruments, in the style of the Steampunk Hieronymus Machineto be offered for sale to the general public this fall.

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Webarchive template wayback links. Consider using our context template to get started. According to Theosophists and Alice Bailey the etheric body inhabits an etheric plane which corresponds to the four higher subplanes of the physical plane.

Connect a probe, wire with an alligator clip, or a fancy external well to the input, and you have a simple, highly portable radionics box!

Looking for more active discussion? The research is not focused on debating the validity of the invention but rather how the invention was developed and how it works.

Research, Victoria

The vivtorian body can be characterised as the life force also present in the plant kingdom. Paintings of some of the devas claimed to have been seen by Hodson from his book “Kingdom of the Gods”: Others prefer to speak of the “lower and higher astral”.

It was discovered that through the use of magically charged ingredients and objects, whether it was steel made to react to a specific magical frequency, or a carefully drawn geometric construct reseafch worked to interface different charges and frequencies to generate a desired effect, this new found magic gave birth to the field known as Arcane Sciences and a wide world of new possibilities.

In selecting it as the term for a clearly defined concept in an Indian-derived metaphysical system, the Theosophists aligned it with ideas such as the prana-maya-kosha sheath made of pranasubtle breath or life-force of Vedantic thought.

Anyone willing to help this researcher please contact him at the address below: See the previous posts here and here for more discussion. The Antenna Tuner began development as simply that — a way to tune an antenna for more effective broadcast of aetheric information fields.

Want to add to the discussion? When exposed to the correct magic the flow can be increased, or if used on their own, they can steadily purify any water passed over them, though higher levels of pollution such as heavy water from nuclear reactors require multiple passes or more crystals to completely remove the pollution completely.

Linga sarira is a Sanskrit term for the invisible double of the human body, the etheric body or etheric double or astral body in some Theosophical concepts.

The intended reference is therefore to some extremely rarefied matter, analogous in usage to the word “spirit” originally “breath”. Remember to check out the wiki for lots of resources and tips on starting out! Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Feel free to send us a modmail! rdsearch

Please leave a reply in the comments! Leadbeater [2] and Annie Besant [3] due to the elimination of Hindu terminology from the system of seven planes and bodies.