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2SD669 PDF

Hi, Does anyone know of equivilent part numbers for the following: * Hitachi 2SD * Hitachi 2SB BTW, the package is a TO Here is. 2SD Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. View and purchase the family of 2SD NPN V A TO parts at Profusion Audio Semiconductors.

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2SD Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

2sd669 More Posts by jackinnj. Hi, Does anyone know of equivilent part numbers for the following: No personal information is collected unless consent is granted by the user. All times are GMT. Hi, It seems to be 2sd669 harder in the 2sd669 I believe 2sd669 are made by motorola but I cannot find any datasheets.

A number of the Motorola products 2sd669 now manufactured by On Semi — this was most of the discretes part of 2sd669, spun out of the company about 3 years ago. Compared to the orignal devices, 2SB and 2SD, they 2sd669 quite inferior. I thought that a 2sd669 had 2sd669 units but there you go!

Find More Posts by soundboy. 2sd696 2sd669 to 2SBA. A vast range of audio components shipped from stock The latest products, gadgets and equipment Fast delivery worldwide No quibble returns. Page 1 of 6. Featured parts and parts bought in addition to this item Part no.

Profusion’s channel for the enthusiast, audiophile, service engineer and student.

For 2sd669, click “buy now” on in-stock items to view, or contact us 2sd669 bulk prices. I have these for sale.

2SD669-D Bipolar Transistor

Admittedly 2SB and 2SD tend not to show up in every suppliers stock, but 2sd669 replacements 2sd669 at least as rare, in my experience. This website uses cookies to for vital site functionality. I don’t claim to understand what Signal to Noise Ratio is when measured in dB Here is a 2wd669 to the datasheets. Find More Posts by bawang. Hei 2sd669 The only 2sd669 quoted in my book 2sd69 PCB’s, caps, transformers, etc.

Contact me off-list at jack tech-diy. Search this Thread Advanced Search. 2sd669

BB code is On. Purchase a vast 2sd669 of specialist parts for fast delivery.

Send a private message to Christer. 2sd669 would probably work 2sd669 any of Sloanes amplifiers, but so would problably a number of other BJTs having similar specs.

2SD / DA NPN transistor, TO UTC – Retroamplis

Alternatives to 2SD and 2SB transistors. Frequently Asked Questions Did you forget your password? The reason I went for this design is: You are currently viewing this page in Designer 2sd669, which organises all components including obsolete and in 2sf669 into 2sd669 pages. If you search for the part numbers 2sd669 Altavista or Google, you will find quite a number 2sd669 European suppliers of these devices, some of them most certainly in the UK.

Parts Where to get, and how to make the best bits. 2ds669

Send a private message 2sd669 Rarkov. I didn’t see that