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This is the feedback circuit telling the control circuit to stop charging the output capacitor. Modifying a notebook power supply Modification of a notebook power supply to output a desired voltage.

Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates. Some undervoltage protection, or???

Shipping 103AIW TSM103AIW Free constant current driver SOP-8 IC

Also, when I changed the voltage on the variable power supply, I could see the voltage on pin 2 changing according to it. Description This project was part of my Soldering Station project, but I’ve decided to make it a standalone project, as it’s a little more detailed than I intend to detail the rest of the Soldering Station project.

I think is DAP8A some protection. In this pagewe can see how to use a variable output power supply to identify the voltage divider. When nothing connected it is 28V what is modified to be.

Now, with a basic understanding of how a SMPS works, there should be no problem modifying one to output our desired voltage.

It’s done, now your power supply outputs the desired voltage. There are two clear divisions on this circuit board, the rubber pads are even marking it, along with silkscreen and areas without components.

Shipping AIW TSMAIW Free constant current driver SOP 8 IC on | Alibaba Group

I’ll try to show in a very simplified way how a switch mode power supply works and how to change the feedback datwsheet so the power supply outputs the voltage you want. Let’s have a look at the open PSU: Your Password Forgot your password? The images below are purely educational. The Hackaday Prize.

Similar projects worth following. Testing pin 3 I’ve read 2. The control circuit then closes the switch, allowing current to flow from the high voltage side to the low voltage side.

This will be explained in the next post. The feedback circuit notices this and, when the voltage is below the threshold, it tells the control circuit so, which closes the switch again. Using a voltage divider. Over voltage protection could be a problem with this, but I have not figured out how to bypass it yet.

There was one problem, though: When you turn on the power supply, the switch is open and 103alw capacitor is discharged, at 0V. There are lots of resistors, how would we know which are the ones we are looking for? If we compare this voltage divider to the one at the previous post, R40 is R1 and R41 is R2.

The comparator gets the datashee and compares it to the voltage reference. Without load, voltage is stable??? The name “switching” comes from this switch.

Nice, but what is what on this power supply? When the feedback circuit senses the output voltage is at the desired value, it tells the control circuit to stop charging the capacitor.

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Just when it’s about to reach 18V 19V – 1Vthe voltage suddenly drops to 3V. There’s no real secret to that. Did’nt bother much more due to the PCB being covered in thermal glue hiding the circuit.

Modifying a notebook power supply |

It’s a great guide. Now that we’ve found our feedback circuit, it’s time to search for the voltage divider we want to modify. Has anyone solved this problem? But how does this feedback circuit, which is the one we want to modify, actually works? Do you have any ideia what’s that iron core transformer doing on the top side of the board? Your Email Remember me. You can see the positive and negative outputs, the main controller comparator and reference voltage and the connection to the control circuit, through the optocoupler.

Modifying a notebook power supply

SMPS are much more complex, but this is enough to give a good understanding on the theory of operation. I wiped my webserver and the images got broken. Feedback circuit working like a charm.

The oscillating start only with load.