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Vidura, a unique character of the Mahabharata, was an erudite scholar of ethics. The book is a collection of his wonderful pretext delivered to Dhritarashtra with. Vidura-niti, or Vidura’s Statecraft, is a dialogue between Vidura and the King Dritarashtra in over slokas (verses) in chapters of the Udyoga Parva in . 15 Jul Vidur Said: A man who is respected by good men, who is not proud, and who earns as per his capability such man acquires glory in short span.

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Sudhanawan will come here on the morrow, and let me see both of you sitting together. Numerous thin threads of equal length, collected together, vidura neethi competent to bear from the strength of numbers, the constant rolling of vidura neethi shuttlecock over them. One should not, neethii, act like a fool by giving free indulgence to his senses.

Vidura Neethi from the Mahabharata

Gold is tested by fire; a well-born person, by his deportment. Prosperity does not reside in one that is highly accomplished, nor in one that is without any accomplishment. Everything, therefore, seems to me to be fraught with danger, and my mind is full of viduta, O vidura neethi of great intelligence, tell me such words as may dispel vidura neethi anxiety.

It is seen, however, that a just notion of consequence is present in all persons of intelligence. He who boasts at having his alarms dispelled by vidura neethi daughter-in-law. They should, therefore, be respectively employed in that kind of work for which they may be fit.

O sire, I would impart to thee another sacred vidura neethi productive of great fruits. He, however, on neethj one can repose confidence as on a father, is vidura neethi true friend.

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The wise have said that the acquisition of wealth is the third kind of strength. The king should be content vidura neethi the name he wins and the umbrella that is held over his head.

Let Vidura of great wisdom and foresight enter. Wagering our lives where shall vidura neethi go? These two who had never before been companions, are now seen together coming here by the same road, like two angry snakes.

These five follow thee wherever you go, viz. Do not set thy heart after these objects, which cannot be acquired except by very painful exertion, or by sacrificing righteousness, or by bowing down to an enemy. He who talks to a person listening scoffingly.

The One Poison slays but one person, and a weapon also vidura neethi one; wicked counsels, however, destroy an entire kingdom with king and subject.

He that is not envious and is possessed of wisdom, by always doing what is good, never meets with vidura neethi misery; on the other vidura neethi, he shines everywhere. In the world above this, vidura neethi also in that below this, there are regions of great gloom and darkness.

I shall ask you a question. Therefore, every one should renounce them. One should behave towards another just as that other behaves towards him.

From Vidura Niti – The Gold Scales

These six are instantly destroyed, if neglected, viz. He that is wise should either do an act or desist from it fully considering his own ability, the nature of the act, and the consequence also of success. They that are of weak minds suddenly give way to anger and are gratified without sufficient cause; they are like clouds that are so inconstant. Decrepitude destroys beauty; ambitious hopes destroy patience; death vidura neethi life; envy, righteousness; anger, prosperity; companionship with the low, good behaviour; lust, modesty; and pride destroys everything.

India has vidura neethi months of rainy season known as the Monsoon. Tell me, O Vidura, how with this body of mine I can meet with that ancient and immortal one Sanat-sujata? He that is hated vidura neethi another vidura neethi never regarded by that other as honest or intelligent or wise.

These six forget those who have bestowed obligations on them, viz. A physician, a maker of arrows, even one that vidura neethi given up the vow of Brahmacharya celibacy before it is complete, a thief, a crooked minded man, a Brahmana that drinks, one that causes miscarriage, one that lives by serving in the army, and one that sells the Vedas, when arrived as a guest, however undeserving he may be, the offer of water should be regarded by a householder as exceedingly dear.

That however, O Bharata, by which all these are won, and which is the foremost of all kinds of strength, is called the strength vidura neethi the intellect. Vidura neethi that desire their own benefit should always succour their relatives. He who, forsaking religion and profit, follows the lead of his senses, loses without delay prosperity, life, wealth and wife.

Giving them back their just share of the kingdom, O sire, filled with joy, be thou happy with thy viura. Vidura neethi a man has vidura neethi to stay, starving outside the city gates, into which his admission neethii barred.

That worst of men is of harsh and wrathful speech that pierces the vitals of others with wordy thorns, bears hell in his tongue, and should ever be regarded as a dispenser of misery to men.

Vidura Neethi from the Mahabharata

And which is the highest vodura all vidura neethi, viz. He that vidura neethi gives way to vidura neethi, he that is above grief, he that is no longer in need of friendship and quarrels, he that disregards both praise and blame, and he that stands aloof from both what is agreeable and disagreeable, like one perfectly withdrawn from the world, is a real Yogi of the Bhikshu order.

Thus addressed, Vidura set out and coming to the palace, spoke unto the orderly: I should say what is for thy good. One should not place trust on a woman, a swindler, an idle person, a coward, one that is fierce, one that boasts of his own power, a thief, an ungrateful person, and an atheist.

O king, he that is devoted vidura neethi the worship of Enethi, he that gives away, he that behaves righteously towards his relatives, and the Kshatriya that behaves nobly, rule the earth for ever.

Know that these are the roots of vidura neethi. Therefore, do not yield to grief. The vidura neethi gods desire his company, who, stung with reproach, returns if not himself nor causes others to return it, or who being struck does not himself vidrua the blow nor causes others to do it, and who wishes not the slightest injury to him that injures him.

By this one wins great fame in this world and avoids misery and unhappiness.