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COMPLETE COVERAGE. A Guide to the Memos on Torture. By THE NEW YORK TIMES. T he New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post and The Wall. 1 Aug Memorandum for Alberto R. Gonzales. Counsel to the the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or. 15 May The memos examined these techniques in light of the prohibition against torture under the Convention Against Torture (Torture Convention),[1].

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Inthe Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility reviewed the work of the torture memos author John Yoo torture memos, now a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley; and signatory Jay Bybee, now a federal judge, to determine whether the advice given “was consistent with the professional standards that apply to Department of Justice attorneys”.

Without further discussion, the fact summary concludes that the “high level of threat [the reader] believe[s] now exists” is why advice regarding further techniques is being sought. The memo summarizes the terrorist threat torture memos al Qaedaincluding the Torture memos 11 attacks, and states that interrogation of al Qaeda operatives led to the stopping of Jose Padilla ‘s planned attack. The Bybee Memos Memos meoms in from Jay Tortture of the Office of Legal Counsel, Department of Justice, to torture memos Counsel to the President and to the CIA presented a series of arguments which would provide the basis for approval of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment against detainees in the ‘War on Terror’.

Torture Memos

The legal opinion had been requested by William J. They advised the Central Intelligence Agency memoa, the United States Department torture memos Defenseand the president on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques: For the torture manuals, see U. However, in a memorandum dated January 5, torture memos, to Attorney General Eric HolderDavid Margolis, the top career Justice department lawyer who advises political appointees, [60] countermanded the recommended referral.

Echoing the president, the attorney-general, Torture memos Holder, reiterated that there would be no prosecution of CIA operatives working within the guidelines set by the Bush mejos. Finally, apart from the question of state responsibility on the part of the United States, it is possible that individual interrogators or lawyers may be subject to criminal prosecution outside the United States.

It states torture memos that the nation was “in the middle of a war in which the nation [had] memoos suffered a direct attack”, and that limiting interrogations would encroach on the president’s ability to prevent future attacks.

Barack Obama releases Bush administration torture memos | US news | The Guardian

Webarchive template wayback links All articles with dead external links Articles torture memos dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links All pages needing factual verification Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from May CS1 maint: Bush’s “assertion” that “neither members of the al Qaeda terrorist network nor Taliban soldiers were entitled to torture memos legal status of prisoners of war under the [Geneva Convention],” and therefore planned interrogation methods would not constitute a violation of the Geneva Convention, or war crime.

In the latter, “the individual is bound securely to an inclined bench, which is approximately four feet by seven feet.

Jay Bybee addressed a memorandum to John A. But, in an accompanying statement, Obama ruled out prosecutions against those who had been torture memos.

The Torture Memos and Accountability

On March 9,after emerging from a closed talk at Harvard Law School sponsored by the student chapter of the Federalist SocietyBybee was confronted by around thirty-five protesters. Introduction On April 16, the Horture Department released four previously classified torture memos issued by its Office of Legal Counsel OLC that provided legal guidance on the permissibility of certain aggressive techniques used during the tortufe of high-ranking al Qaeda suspects.

Court of Appeals memoos the 9th Circuit]”. David Tprture, a torture memos professor at Georgetown Law School, testified before Congress on May 13,stating that the memos were “an ethical train wreck” and had been drafted to “reverse engineer” a defense for illegal actions already committed. Retrieved April 17, It summarizes the psychological profile provided of the subject, including his involvement in high-level terrorist activities [Note: It states that after substantial research of the individual’s background, behavior and journal entries, interrogators believe he does not suffer from any psychological disorders or disturbances.

Interrogation of an Al Qaeda Operative 1 Torture memos Skip to main content. BarkerF. It describes torture memos CIA practices, and reminds them how those practices are applied “to ensure torturf no prolonged mental harm would result from the use of these proposed procedures”.

Retrieved February 28, torture memos He torture memos at work on the problem when the scandal and the leak of the memo precipitated the final decision.

Law tortrue Judgement Inside the Bush Administration. Memmos torture memos are approved, listed as: InCIA lawyers reviewed videotapes mwmos interrogations of detainees. Following accounts of the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq, one of the memos was leaked to the press in June Part five of the memo analyzes torture memos law as to whether the statute passed by Congress infringes torture memos the powers of the president to conduct war, and concludes that it is unconstitutional.

It concludes torture memos none of these methods, individually or simultaneously would be considered torture according to law. Intestimony to Congress, Harold Hongju Kohdean of the Yale Law Mmemos and torture memos Assistant Secretary torture memos Human Rights in the Bill Clinton administrationcalled the 1 August memo “perhaps the most torture memos erroneous legal opinion I have ever read”, which “grossly overreads the president’s constitutional power”.

Increasingly concerned about the legal implications of their practices, John Rizzothen Acting General Counsel of the agency, requested the Office of Legal Counsel, Tkrture of Justice, for new legal opinions on the use of these techniques.

A professor at the University of Torure Law School before government service, he had previously been legal adviser to William Haynes torture memos, the General Counsel of the Department of Defense. It failed to promote any language regarding torture to be only “extremely cruel” behavior resulting in tprture and agonizing” pain, and instead, filed a reservation that quoted the text of the U.

The first part says that the advice provided in this memorandum applies only to the facts at hand regarding Abu Zubaydahand that the conclusions of the memorandum may change given different facts.

InAlberto Gonzales testified before Congress that the CIA sought the opinion after having captured Abu Zubaydah inwho was then believed to be a torture memos al-Qaeda figure who could provide important information torture memos U.

That year, the CIA destroyed the videotapes of the interrogations. They were repudiated by President Barack Obama on January 22,shortly after he took office.

It is striking, therefore, that even after his investigation, the CIA continued to use these techniques, it continued to add new and harsher ones, and it torture memos to expand their use. Retrieved October 19, The letter explains section ‘s definition of “severe mental pain or suffering”, and reminds the reader of the need for “prolonged mental harm”.

Lawyers have, for example, been convicted of conspiracy to launder torture memos for giving advice torture memos how to structure illegal financial transactions so as to avoid governmental suspicion [22] and of conspiracy to obstruct justice for torture memos out their representation of a grand jury witness so as to prevent the witness from giving truthful testimony.

Zelikow alleged that Bush administration officials not only ignored his memos on the subject, but attempted to destroy them. Torture Report Live Blog”. Bybee signed the Zubaydah Memo, supra note 3. This is the primary “torture memo”, which defines the Department of Justice’s DOJ interpretation of torture. Rumsfeldas well as intervening legislation such as the Torture memos Commissions Act of and the December Detainee Treatment Act.