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Peter Heehs. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. Contents. Preface. Acknowledgments. Note on Proper Names. Part One: Son. I. Early Years in India. Bengal, –. 19 May Peter Heehs, one of the founders of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives, is the first to relate all the aspects of Aurobindo’s life in its entirety. The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. By Peter Heehs. Columbia University Press. pages. $ cloth. Sri Aurobindo Ghose (–) is one of the most.

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That summer, the Indian student community was excited about the campaign of Dadabhai Naoroji, a Bombay businessman turned Liberal politician, who was contesting a parliamentary seat. It became a little piece of England in India, similar to the home country in climate and vegetation as well as in architecture and social life. Edward Glazier agreed to help.

Peter Heehs

auroibndo However that may be, it seems now not unlikely that had the influence of Tilak and Aurobindo lasted in its original intensity, we might have had two Indias today— a Hindu-istan and a Pak-istan, both overlaying and undermining each other.

Heehs was briefly in the news in April after the Indian home ministry declined to entertain an application for extension of his resident visa after April Little is known of Kali Prosad.

Ignoring frequent reminders from his superiors and even the threat of a cut in his peeter, he refused to learn a language that did not interest him. Bengal was aurobnido as large as France and much more populous, and there had long been calls to divide the province into more the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs units.

He appealed to Rajaram, who timidly pointed out that the food was waiting. What had to be done was to radicalize the Congress and mobilize the populace.

An account he kept at this time shows that he was not always as indifferent to money matters as it sometimes appeared to his friends. But he took the demands of Hindu orthodoxy rather lightly.

One of the founders of the Sri The lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs Ashram Archives, he is currently a member of the editorial board of the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindoand has published many books and articles. Mrinalini was thought pretty. Aurobindo spent most of May in Bengal. His practical suggestions were confined to ways that the government of Baroda could improve education, support local industries, and stimulate agriculture.

High court calls to author Dec 12, This was enough to keep him a probationer in good standing, but it was a sharp drop from his entering rank. The challenge spurred him to renewed efforts.

Many place names that were spelled to suit the British tongue during the colonial period have recently been changed to what are presumed to be the original forms: For years he had pwter annoyed by the works of Orientalists who regarded all forms of Indian literature as inferior to their Pefer counterparts, or even copies of European models. He will do whatever he decides to do. Llives unlike the Bhagavad-Gita’s uncompromised message of karmic responsibility the Lives of Sri Aurobindo guides the reader through a rich tapestry of engaged consciousness which the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs our own current struggles are beyond stewardship and are for healing – a vital reminder that it is the work of the spirit and the seeker that transforms one’s being and possibly a nation.

Songs to Myrtillaprinted privately in Baroda, contains twenty-one pieces. His main responsibility was to prepare undergraduate students for the Bombay University examinations. Heehs’s biography is a sensitive, honest portrait of a life that also provides surprising insights into twentieth-century Indian history.

In the interest of consistency, I have used Aurobindo throughout except when quoting from source materials or suggesting the usage of a particular period.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aravinda Acroyd Ghose had not passed this Examination at the time of going to the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs.

Soon after his return from England, he was given a new post as assistant surgeon in charge of the civil station of Rangpur. He did not know any of the local languages and was just as unaccustomed to seeing lightly clad people sitting on the ground selling vegetables.

Review on JSTOR

But woman, in the abstract, was an object of adoration for the writer of Songs to Myrtilla. According to Peter Heehs, Sri Aurobindo was wrong about where he was born. He did this less frequently than most of his classmates because his ICS subjects kept him busy. A mystic thus absorbed often is lost to the human effort to achieve a more perfect life.

Mrinalini looks somewhat coolly to the the lives of sri aurobindo by peter heehs, Aurobindo to hheehs right. Meat, fish, and the rest of what passes for British cuisine was their normal fare.

When to a man who understands, the Self has become all things, what sorrow, what trouble, can there be to him who once beheld that unity? It no doubt rankled that the rulers were foreigners who were contemptuous of the cultures of those they ruled.

The same is true of an experience he had in Kashmir in Retrieved from ” https: The open competition was a monstrous, thirteen-day affair.