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He is a great webmaster. He made this blog when he was 12 y.o. He started adding free drivers to download and still doing that. Now he has about 15000 drivers here.


I think you can ask him about compatibility directly. I used a contact-cleaning spray on the conectors of the power board the one left of the battery and reasembled, with no luck. Also we cannot seem to remove the dvd. Hi Iam technician handling many problems including laptops I have sony laptop model pcg-3G5L When its displaying it shows Small lines on the botom sreen Can any one give any Advice please. Your description has more disassembly. I believe that the windows installation is unplugged but thought a proffesional like yourself would have a better idea as to the cause of the problem.

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I have 2 different adapters k225 2 seperate batteries all with the same problem. Shwan Bosen, I have a PCG-K33 and I have had the same problem with opening the screen up and you see everything there, but no backlight. But the project was doable without removing the screen completely.

STEP 10 Remove four screws sony pcg k25 display hinges.

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K2 was wondering if someone could recommend what upgrades can I perform on my laptop. Just replaced my screen. I will re-post once completed. First of all, I would sony pcg k25 reconnecting the wireless card. Unplug the video cable from the motherboard.

So I replaced the battery…and come to found out pcf geek squad they told me it was the power jack not being able to give the sony pcg k25 attention from the adaptor. S9, S10, S10E, M Laptop boots up, gets to Windows logo and just freezes the little scrolling bar underneath the logo moves about 3 sony pcg k25.

Acer Aspire One I replaced the fan using the instructions on this page. Sounds like a failed motherboard. However better too much than too little — but I would have preferred a specific answer. Also, could be hard drive failure.

I reseated the new CPU several times. The display is still out. The screen sony pcg k25 all bright full white to gray flashing. Unfortunately, your description sounds like a problem with the motherboard. If your laptop overheats, try cleaning the cooling module fan and heat sink with compressed air.

I did more tests with Ubuntu live-CD. Sony pcg k25 I did and put the laptop back together there is no video. At what point can I replace the two fans?

You can support this site. Again, I cannot thank you enough!! It still runs perfectly fine in safe mode. The external monitor works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Remove two screws securing the modem sony pcg k25.

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I have bought a battery power board. Edd, I was sony pcg k25 if someone could recommend what upgrades can I perform on my ;cg. If you remove the keyboard bezel and disconnected it from the motherboard, as it shown sony pcg k25 the pictures 3 and 4, make sure the cable is properly connected to the motherboard.

If you are game for it I have also known people sony pcg k25 diassemble the machine as pcy and simply remove the thing! Any help or guidence as to which component might be causing it would be most welcome.

As soon as initial Knoppix logo appears on the screen press F3 and at boot: I took the same RAM module and have been running it with no problems just quiet slower and will troubleshoot it this way. Maybe the CPU is making bad contact with the sony pcg k25.

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I guess im going to have to do this write up and get sonu part off ebay. Thanks for all sony pcg k25 information. All the drivers seemed to load up fine.