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7 jun. Rabdomiólise, uma palavra que é muito importante no mundo dos “gymmers”. Sabe porquê? Trata-se de uma síndrome grave provocada pelo. Rhabdomyolysis is a process of muscle destruction that can present with varying clinical manifestations. In pediatric patients, its main etiology is infectious. Esse relato descreve o caso de uma mulher com lúpus eritematoso sistêmico ( LES) que sofreu rabdomiólise em seguida à sua infecção pelo vírus da dengue.

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New risk score predicts outcome in rhabdomyolysis. If an underlying muscle disease is suspected, for instance if there is no obvious explanation or there have been multiple episodes, it may be necessary to perform further investigations.

Scand J Infect Dis.

Leptospirosis presenting as severe rhabdomyolysis and pulmonary haemorrhage. Muscle biopsy can be useful if an episode of rhabdomyolysis is thought to be the result of an underlying muscle disorder. Pathophysiology The multiplicity of potential causes of rhabdomyolysis notwithstanding, the final common denominator appears to be disruption of the sarcolemma rabdoniolise release of intracellular myocyte components. The remainder of her physical examination was normal.

West Nile virus [ 23 ]. Schwengel Rabdoniolise, Ludwig S.

Blood test creatine kinaseurine test strip [3] [5]. Canadian Journal of Surgery.

Prophylactic fluid rabdomiolixe in crushed victims of Bam earthquake. According to a retrospective analysis of FDA records[ 43 ] the most commonly suspected drug exposure in children younger than 10 years was propofol. Hypothermia and rhabdomyolysis following olanzapine injection in an adolescent with schizophreniform disorder.

Rheum Dis Clin North Am.

Sabe o que é a rabdomiólise?

In victims of crush syndrome, it is recommended to administer intravenous fluids even before they are extracted from collapsed structures. Factors predictive of acute renal failure and need for hemodialysis among ED patients with rhabdomyolysis. Gabdomiolise, which is normally done several times a week in chronic kidney diseaseis often required on a daily basis in rhabdomyolysis. Its final common pathway may be a disturbance in myocyte calcium homeostasis. This report describes the case of a woman with systemic lupus erythematous SLE that developed rhabdomyolysis after being infected by dengue virus.

Rhabdomyolysis caused by strenuous computer gaming. Child physical abuse and rhabdomyolysis: In most cases, the history reflects the inciting cause though in some, it is nonspecific and thus diagnostically unreliable. Author links open overlay panel Louise D. Advise patients with rhabdomyolysis caused by hyperthermia or inordinate exertion to exercise in moderation, rwbdomiolise careful attention to hydration and rabdoiolise methods of cooling.

Find articles by Clara Abadesso. An rabdomlolise in intracellular calcium levels results in hyperactivity of proteases and proteolytic enzymes and generation of free oxygen radicals. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors the serotonin syndrome. Rhabdomyolysis in students after repetitive exercise.

VLCAD is an enzyme of fatty acid oxidation found in the inner membrane of the mitochondria, and it catalyzes the first step of long-chain fatty acid beta-oxidation. Snake venom, spider eg, black widow spider venom, hornet venom, and massive envenomations of Africanized honey bees. Infect Dis Clin North Am. We present the case of an adolescent diagnosed with VLCAD deficiency after a massive episode of rhabdomyolysis. Neutrophil granulocytes —the most abundant type of white blood cell —enter the muscle tissue, producing an inflammatory reaction and releasing reactive oxygen species[7] particularly after crush injury.

Propofol continuous infusion [ 48 ]. Toxin-mediated rhabdomyolysis may result from substance abuse, in both adults and adolescents, including abuse of the following:. Many medications increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis. The positive dengue serology was only available after the therapy above had been established.

Br J Sports Med. Identification and correction of the inciting cause eg, trauma, infection, or toxins. Share cases and questions with Physicians on Medscape consult. With adequate supportive measures, the clinical outcome of rhabdomyolysis is often favorable in children. Food and Drug Administration. Rhabdomyolysis has many etiologies and is often multifactorial in adult patients.

Rhabdomyolysis: Practice Essentials, Background, Pathophysiology

During the first two days of therapy, the main problem with hemodiafiltration was easy coagulability of the hemofilter due to high levels of myoglobin in circulation. Any drug that impairs skeletal muscle ATP rabomiolise or increases energy requirements may cause rhabdomyolysis. We present a previously healthy adolescent who was admitted to our emergency department with a four-day history of myalgia, muscle weakness and dark urine.

Ramachandran R, Wierzbicki AS. Deep tendon reflexes were normal, and there was no neurologic deficit. Eur J Intern Med. Singh U, Scheld WM. Of these, some cause isolated attacks of rhabdomyolysis e.

Some of these deficiencies are arbdomiolise with dietary modification. Peritoneal dialysis is inadequate to remove the large solute load in patients with rhabdomyolysis.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae–associated transverse myelitis and rhabdomyolysis.