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18 Jun Kerala PSC Question Bank Offline Malayalam APP Provides You Question Bank For Different PSC Exams Through Malayalam Language. We also have Solved Model Question Papers to help you practice Over Questions and Answers: Over Quiz Questions for Practice Those who are. This is our list of PSC Model Questions with answers. You can also download these questions in PDF format.

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Try to answer these questions by selecting one of the options. Smart Analytics Get detailed stats about your exam performance including topic level strengths and weaknesses. President of India – Ram Nath Kovind 3. Yes, psc model questions and answers can view details of our test series here.

Lok Sabha speaker – Sumitra Mahajan 8. Information Technology Act was enacted on: Who audits all the receipts and expenditure of Government of India and the State Governments? Ranjan Sodhi The river Narmada originated from?

PSC Model Questions – The Ultimate List – [PDF Download]

Click Here for Answer Tamil nadu. Yes, we offer two free exams for all our packages. Post a Comment sevidamkrdezign. The qustions are auto-evaluated by our system.

PSC Model Questions – The Ultimate List – [PDF Download]

Which among the following company’s slogan, is ‘Powered by intellect driven by values’? Long walk to freedom.

The parliament of Iceland is called? Lumen SI unit of speed is? You need to be connected to the internet while the question paper loads on your system.

I hope everyone will make use of MegaExams. In today’s world of competition where a job becomes a dream and a govt. Who is the ‘Father of Computer’? How many times can I attempt questlons paper?

Xantoproteic test The same group elements are characterised by? First movement launched against the British India was? Larva of Mosquito is known as: You can use MegaExams on jodel two devices using your login.

The trusted method to crack Kerala PSC and secure a government job.

The present Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is: What are the best books for kerala psc exam preparation books? Charles Babbage Which is the temperory memory of a computer? Design by site5 Blogger Theme by Blogger Templates. Karia Manda The only planet on Menology is the study of: However, you can attempt the test series offline. Public health and sanitation, under the Indian Constitution fall in list: A solution of washing soda is: Which among the following is a small high speed memory which is used to store a portion of program or data temporarily from psc model questions and answers main memory?

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Degree Level PSC Exam Questions and Answers | Online Psc Coaching

Write 2 types of page orientation? The trusted method to crack Kerala PSC and secure a government job. Important Dates Quiz 3: Which part of the brain controls the voluntary actions in the body? Unlike a normal psc model questions and answers I can get more analysis and exactly identify where I fell behind.

Janashree Bima Yojana has been merged into which ongoing scheme: RAM Primary memory of a com