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Prev Class · Next Class · Frames · No Frames · All Classes. Summary: Nested |; Field |; Constr |; Method. Detail: Field |; Constr |; Method. 2. The number of threads defaults to the available processors but can be controlled by setting the Threads property (typically by setting the 2. Hierarchy For Package 2. Package Hierarchies: Object. org. tSignatureHandlerFactory (implements 2.

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The value is specified as a String, but as it’s XML it will probably be created as a java.

Package org.faceless.pdf2

If the document was converted to PDF from another format, the name of the application that created the original document from facelexs it was converted.

Annotations must be added separately by calling the addAnnotation org. As with any map, the keys must be unique – we recommend adding files using their filenames as keys, like so:. Create a new page of the specified page size that is not connected to any document. A comb can be used when a fixed number of digits are to be entered into the field – the digits will be spaced evenly along the field, so that they appear to be entered into a box.

Text objects into their “natural” pcf2 – the order which they occur in the PDF page stream, and the order that is returned by getTextUnordered. Represents a side-panel in a DocumentPanel. The specification is available for download here. The locale may be set and reset as many times as required.

Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2

This constructor can be used to ensure that a brand new PDF will be orgg to comply with the requirements of the profile, and is the recommended way to enforce this for a new PDF. Draw a rectangle through the two corners x1,y1 and x2,y2. Close any file resources the PDF may be holding on to.

Represents an event on a DocumentPanel indicating that document has changed somehow. Buttons may also have images associated with them, which can be set via the WidgetAnnotation. Feature An OutputProfile is made up of Featuresffaceless may be required or denied.

It will be ignored by non-BFO applications. Get the current page orientation.

PageExtractor (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Return the EncryptionHandler used to encrypt the document, or null if no encryption handler is in use. An implementation of SignatureHandlerFactory that returns handlers suitable for signing documents for use with Acrobat 6. It’s important to remember that changes can be made a document after it’s been signed, and provided that they’re made in a new revision, the signature won’t be invalidated – but the signature won’t cover the whole of the document either.

An subclass of ViewerWidget which causes the widget to be toggled on or off, rather than simply pushed. Note that in 2. See the PDFCanvas version of this method for the full documnentation. If false the title bar should display the filename instead only works in Acrobat 5 and later view.

Acrobat7Compatible Force the document to be Acrobat 7. This will number all pages as decimal numbers starting from 1. It’s also a bit slower than the next method. Set the field facelees be lrg. An action that can be set on an OutputProfiler to replace Colors. Rendering the document typically merges all the revisions of a document, so after rendering the getNumberOfRevisions method will always return zero.

String method, but as folders are facrless in a very awkward way in the PDF object this must be set before the file is added to the EmbeddedFiles map. Text item on the page, in the order they were added to the page. Named actions which must always be “GoTo” type actions can be referenced from outside the PDF, which allows the document to be opened at a specific location. When a new page is created it’s measured in points from the bottom-left of the page. Text item on the page, facelwss the specified order.

Set the default value of this field – the value it will reset to if a PDFAction. Specified as a java. This call must match an earlier call to beginTag See the PDFCanvas version of this method for the full documnentation. This is to allow extraction of TimeZone information, sadly lacking from the Date class. PDF is a large specification and not facepess features are compatible with all readers.

For example, here’s how to add a hyperlink to a page:. Prior to version 2. The same as drawEllipsebut allows you to specify a start and end angle. The ID is generally facelwss random characters. This is done with the PDF.

Feature prg, which lists the individual features which can be checked in an OutputProfile. If a field doesn’t exist, a warning is printed and the field is ignored.