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High sensitivity to alcohol and small sensitivity to Benzine. Structure and configuration of MQ-3 gas sensor is shown as Fig. .. You may download the module schematic as well as the manufacturer datasheet for the sensor from each gas. Downloads. MQ3 Sensor DatasheetLM Datasheet. This module is made using Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ3. It is a low cost semiconductor sensor which can . Structure. Gas sensitive semiconductor material is a mini bead type and a heater coil and electrode wire are embedded in the element. The sensing element is.

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We only provide software library or code examples for Arduino platform in most cases.

The examples used in this tutorial makes uses of A0 analog pin. Note The sensor value only reflects the approximated trend mq3 alcohol sensor datasheet gas concentration in a permissible error range, it DOES NOT represent the exact gas concentration.

This is an Analog output sensor.

MQ3 Alcohol Gas Sensor

Or submit the issue into our forum. Please do not hesitate to contact techsupport seeed.

The voltage read from the sensor is displayed. Hence, users have to write their own software library.

MQ-3 C2H5OH Gas Sensor Datasheet

However, we can’t provide a formula because the relation between ratio and concentration is nonlinear. Replace the R0 below with value of R0 tested above. Senaor examples demonstrates a way to know the approximate concentration of Gas.

Approximation Resources Tech Support. This needs to be connected to any one Analog socket in Grove Base Shield. Tip More details about Grove modules please refer to Grove System. Please note that the best preheat time for the sensor is above 24 hours. If your project is aimed at obtaining the gas concentration at a very precise level, then we do mq3 alcohol sensor datasheet recommend this gas sensor.

The detection of certain components in the air usually requires a more precise and costly instrument, which cannot be done mq3 alcohol sensor datasheet a single gas sensor.

Due to its high sensitivity and fast response time, measurements can be mq3 alcohol sensor datasheet as soon as possible.

Connect this module to the A0 port of Base Shield. In this example, the sensor is connected to A0 pin. For detailed information about the MQ-3 sensor, please refer to the data-sheet provided in Resources section.

It may vary based on change in temperature or humidity. It is possible to connect the Grove module to Arduino directly by using jumper wires by using the connection as shown in the table below:.

Grove – Gas Sensor(MQ3)

The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted by using the potentiometer. More details about Grove modules please snesor to Grove System. According to the figure, we can see that the minimum concentration we can test is 0. Expose the sensor to any one of the gas listed above.

As mq3 alcohol sensor datasheet the data-sheet of the MQ3 sensors, these equations are tested for standard conditions and are not calibrated.

The output voltage from the Gas sensor increases when the concentration of gas increases. Sensitivity can be adjusted by varying the potentiometer.