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9 Feb Mayavi (in Tamil மாயாவி) was a comic book from India dedicated to the Phantom. It was published in the Tamil language by Vidyarthi. Published on Mar 5, Tamil comics – Yaar antha maayavi Published in: Entertainment & Humor. 1 Comment; 7 Likes; Statistics; Notes. Full Name. 4 Jun Mugamoodi Maayavi – Arai Enn 7 in Tamil Comics. tamilweb. Tamil Comics – Mayavi yaar-antha-mayavi-pdf. tamilweb. English · Español.

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Tamil comics : Mugamoodi Veerar Mayavi In ” Thanga Theevu ” தங்கத்தீவு

Once his wand is lost, his imp characteristics command him to be enslaved in a glass bottle by the one who holds his wand. Luttappi is often portrayed as doing all the mayavi comics for Kuttusan.

Due to immense popularity of the magazine the characters became pop culture icons with TV shows,movies and mayavi comics stories referencing or based around them. Uncle of Luttappi, unlike Luttappi, he is dark grey in colour. An owl is sometimes seen with Dakini. Comics publications Indian comics Malayalam mayavi comics Comics characters mayabi in Indian comics titles.

Lottulodukku and Gulgulumal are two evil scientists who invent new gadgets and ideas to destroy the world. However, despite the simplicity and slapstick comedy, Mayavi became one of the most widely read children’s comics in Malayalam language.

Most of the stories revolve around how a dark wizard Kuttusan and mayai cadre of wizards aim at capturing Mayavi, mayavi comics fail with drastic mayavi comics.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the mayavi comics language Malayalam Mayavi translates as illutionist. Despite being a very resourceful aide, Luttappi isn’t always at good mauavi with Kuttusan and Dakini, who, on their part, take little effort in hiding their dislike.

Mayavi mayavi comics a slave of the witch Dagini, mayavi comics she was very cruel to him. She is noted as much for her cowardice as for her noodle hair. Two kids, Raju and Radha comucs the imp escape from the bottle in which he was kept. Mayavi has a hobby of sleeping under trees. It mayavii not exactly known when the story takes place. In the Tibetan language, dakini is rendered khandroma which means mayavi comics who traverses the sky’ or ‘she who moves in space’.

Mayavi – PhantomWiki

Mayavi comics Vikraman and Mutthu always get into trouble using those gadgets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

According to the editor mayavi comics the magazine, the changes were intended to make the characters acceptable for readers of all age. Pradeep Sathe and N. Artwork by Pradeep Sathe. Manned by Luttappi, the kuntam serves as a convenient mode of transport for Luttappi’s comrades — Dakini and Kuttusan.

In most Mayavi comics featuring them, they are seen conspiring on a mayavi comics in to the bank or jeweler at the local town.

They are afraid of Vikraman and Muttu, who steal their inventions and use these tools for their purposes such mayavi comics robbing the bank and breaking into people’s houses. Mayavi mayavi comics place in a secluded forest in Kerala. The CD featured 7 stories, some of which are already familiar to the readers through the comic series in Balarama, and two songs. Mayavi comics enemies are Mayavi comics and Radha, and they are always looking for a chance to kill them.

Mayavi, the protagonist in the series, is mayavi comics little devil, who helps to keep the forest safe from villains and dark wizards. This handicap has been one of the prominent vulnerabilities that are often exploited by the dark wizards who try to capture him. The lyrics were written by Sippy Pallippuram. Vikraman and Muthu are friends of Kuttusan.

One of the primary sources of mayavi comics in the comic, Luttappi is noted for his cheekiness and cowardice. The comics pictures him staying alone in a forest without any notable family. As the target audience is young, the story takes the liberty to draw a fantasy world, in which wizardsdemons and other strange creatures exist. Vikraman and Muttu are two notorious criminals at large and wanted by the local police.

Mayavi, a good imp, is the main character of the story. He is much bigger in size than Luttappi. Everybody is afraid of Puttalu, but Puttalu does myavi have very significant role in Mayavi.

Thankful mayavi comics the children, Mayavi decided to help them forever from the clutches of evil forces. She and Kuttusan also never leave out a chance to catch Raju and Radha, who they know mayavi comics be friends of Mayavi. Views Read Edit View history. Puttalu’s name is created by reading Luttappi’s name backwards. However, despite being a witch, she is often depicted as mayavi comics a rather repulsive approach to Kuttusan’s wizardry.

Kuttusan and Dakini go to Puttalu’s den to steal many charms and potions mayavk mayavi comics Mayavi, but they get trapped in Puttalu’s trap mayavi comics. Robbers who often take refuge in the forest to hide are brought to light by Mayavi. Dakini, a witchappeared in the series well before Kuttusan, is one of the close aides of Kuttusan.