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I don’t have too much experience with Mage, just recently picking up Revised Mage They have a generally unified vision of humanity’s ascension, and want to The Technocracy saw the Sons of Ether as a liability to their. The Sons of Ether are a strange group to exist in the Council of Nine, but their open approach to the possibility of anything makes them a. All Sons of Ether must use Foci for their effects until they surpass Arete 5. possible in the paradigm of the other; this is known to others as the Ascension War.

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Login or Sign Up Log in with. Search in titles only. Son of Ether character. What could be the examples of daily life problems or dream that an Ether experiences through Seeking? I am just a beginner that’s starting so a little help would be appreciated and thanks for your answers. All kinds of things.


One Etherite’s avatar might throw them into elaborate thought experiments, such as a train travelling at the speed of light, where they must act in order to avoid a collision. Another’s avatar may instead be grounded in reality, requiring that they build their way out nage a prison cell, or an abandoned mine.

Other’s still may immerse them in the fantastic, having them stand on a dirigible, in which case they may be acting at pilot, navigator, or even look out to help get from a to b, or simply keep the ship in the air. A lot of this will depend on their Avatar’s Essence, as well as the kind of things their Etherite engages in, and what sort of lesson the Etherite has to learn.

For example, an Etherite who is often right, but frequently quiet about it may find themselves as navigator on a ship with a blind but stubborn captain who is directing magd ship straight towards a mountain.

The mage must overcome their problems in speaking to authority figures in order to save the ship. A different mage may instead be overconfident and arrogant, they may be at the whelm of the ship, and must listen sns the advice of those they consider inferior in order to avoid crashing the ship.

It’s always good to incorporate the Mage’s particular interests and slns into a seeking. So an Etherite who believes the universe is literally run on clockwork and specialises in Time magic may see a lot of cogs and gears, and perhaps a number of time pieces involved in their seekings. While an Etherite who is building themselves an Iron Man style suit may instead see many themes of Trans-humanism in theirs.

That being said, no detail should be superfluous, if the imagery isn’t pertinent to the seeking itself, it shouldn’t be in there.

That’s how I’d do it, anyway. Keepers of the Wyck: Problem is these examples might work for an advance mage and the one I am playing has arete 1 and matter 1 and all this allows me is to only perceive properties, structure, stability.

That’s not a ascensino.

Seekings don’t really take into account the kind of Magick you can do, but what you believe and what lessons you need to learn. These are matters that come up among the lowest initiate to the highest archmage. Even if the character’s capabilities are meager at the moment, they still have a Focus Paradigm, Practice, and Instrumentswhich dictate what they believe the universe to be, and ascensio that lets them do Magick.

A first Seeking is liable to be simple – a softball test the Amge sends the Mage’s way to get them going.

As their Arete climbs, subsequent Seekings will take the symbolism from earlier ones and complicate them. I’m thinking you could draw inspiration for a technomage’s seeking from the movies A Beautiful Mindthat short dream sequence in Lorenzo’s Oilor that or even that strange dream sequence in Gravity or some of that weirdness in The Secret life of Walter Mitty Maybe Sir Isaac Newton had a seeking involving an apple falling from a tree.

Son of Ether – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

Perhaps Ascnesion describes concepts the way he does because they were how he’d seen them in his seekings. Maybe the book Einstein’s Dreams is a compilation of his seekings.

Also, according to Cracked: They make for interesting seekings for the less mystically minded. Help Contact Us Go to top.